Far-Left Filmmaker Calls ObamaCare “Awful”

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Barack Obama’s deeply troubled healthcare law has increasingly attracted the ire of not only his political foes but, even more damning, his ideological allies. Even the man behind some of the most blatant leftist propaganda in generations has apparently abandoned the ObamaCare ship.

Michael Moore, who misrepresented America’s healthcare system in one of his numerous political ‘documentaries,’ released an opinion column Wednesday in which he lambastes the unpopular healthcare law.

Calling it an “awful” precedent, Moore criticized the implication that the so-called Affordable Care Act would actually be affordable to the average consumer.

“For many people,” he wrote, “the ‘affordable’ part … risks being a cruel joke.”

He then broke down the huge expenses a theoretical couple would face under the law’s mandates should they need medical treatment.

Using the example of “a 60-year-old couple making $65,000 a year in Hartford, Conn.,” Moore concluded that if “both become seriously ill, they might have to pay almost $25,000 in a single year.”

Of course, his solution to the obvious problem is unsurprisingly far different than the course conservatives would recommend. Instead of embracing a free market fix that would target just those unable to purchase insurance, Moore is a proponent of the single-payer system.

Obama, he asserts, “knew in his heart that a single-payer, Medicare-for-all model was the true way to go.”

Moore contends that within four years, “we will be funneling over $100 billion annually to private insurance companies,” indicating that “they’ll use some of that to try to privatize Medicare.”

Many on the right have suggested that the woefully inefficient Medicare model is in need of a serious overhaul. Moore and his ilk, however, see it as the standard for everyone’s insurance coverage.

“In blue states,” he urged, “let’s lobby for a public option on the insurance exchange – a health plan run by the state government, rather than a private insurer.”

Some have posited the theory that ObamaCare was designed to fail in a preordained push to impose single-payer coverage as the only replacement. While that conspiracy is not backed up by any concrete evidence, Moore’s editorial certainly indicates there is a possibility of pursuing that outcome.

In any event, it is becoming abundantly obvious to Americans of all stripes that ObamaCare is a disaster of epic proportion.


Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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