Failing Students Make Honor Roll

Photo Credit: Mennonite Church USA Archives (Creative Commons)

Many decry the current state of American public schools, expressing the sentiment our next generation is entering adulthood without the proper educational tools. Recent events and trends seem to bolster their assertion.

Considering the widespread contention surrounding Common Core, a federal curriculum plan many say fails to address basic skills, it is obvious parents are growing more concerned about what their children are learning while in school. Despite spending an increasing amount of money on education, today’s students are performing comparatively worse than those in previous generations.

One mother in Florida recently voiced concern that this trend has reached the absurd level of recognizing students for their achievement – even when they earn Cs and Ds on their report card.

The honor roll, a time-tested tradition of celebrating the scholastic achievements of high achievers, has now apparently become so watered-down even those literally failing a subject could feasibly be included.

When Beth Tillack received her son’s report card from Pasco Middle school, she said she “immediately assumed it’s a mistake.”

Despite including a D in one subject and a C in another, he was awarded a place on the honor roll.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” she continued. “The bottom line is there is nothing honorable about making a D.”

For her part, Principal Kim Anderson explained the school bases eligibility on an average of all grades rather than taking each course into account. Still, Tillack said the practice sets an unfortunate precedent.

“I was not happy,” she said, “because how can I get my child to study for a test when he thinks he’s done enough?”

In response to the critique, the school has announced its intention to rethink the methodology behind honor roll nominees. As it stands, a student failing one class could still make the list with enough high grades to bolster his or her average.

Tillack said such a policy gives kids a false sense of achievement, noting her son’s teacher included a congratulatory “good job” and a smiley face on his report card.

As educators set progressively lower standards for students, it takes less effort to achieve a level of modified success. Congratulating students for performing at a below-average or failing level is a natural offshoot of this trend and provides a woefully insufficient foundation for life in the real world.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Mennonite Church USA Archives (Creative Commons)

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  1. Why do they keep pushing old school standards on these new school children? Everyone is surrounded by things different and these kids see screens their entire life. Why push a learning standard that is archaic. Would you go to a store and buy a dictionary or web search the definition? Let's get learning 2.0 and make it fun

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    When you start giving kids credit for wrong answers then you know something is wrong with our education system and those who run it.

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    This has been part of our school system before Common Core came on the scene. I know in some schools, they REFUSE to hold a student back a grade even if they had a report card filled with F's. It's not 'emotionally' healthy to hold a child back they explain.
    Many high schools also offer different 'degrees' in their diplomas. You have a 'general' diploma which is just you showed up every day. Then a standard diploma in which you attended all classes and passed MOST. Then you have the 'honor' diploma which is you held a 'C' or better in all classes for all years.
    How sad when you start distinguishing with high school diplomas.

    When are parents going to start standing up for their childrens education? Comes down to parental neglect that we have seen for decades.

  4. Eric Peterson says:

    That is the problem with liberalism. Everything is OK. Well everything is NOT OK. They are ruining our country with their twisted ideas of morality, how the economy and government works, as well as our educational system. When will enough be enough? When will people pick up their guns, march to Washington and demand they GET OUT!?!?!?!?!? ALL OF THEM IN EVERY BRANCH OF OUR GOVERNMENT!!!! Every last one swinging from the hangman's noose for treason!!!

  5. they don't want to hurt the kids feelings because he's stupid. look at thier leader, he has an iq of a turd

  6. Did you know? That our children are being 100% monitored in school? Complete Video with sound? Parents in some areas (expected to nationwide) are NOT ALLOWED TO PACK THEIR OWN KIDS LUNCH? Guys, enough is TOO MUCH! When the government believes that it can care for your children, better than you can, THERE IS A HUGE PROBLEM IN MY EYES! What about YOU? We the People, with ONE VOICE, must write ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS, QUESTION IMPEACHMENT OF THOSE THAT YOU BELIEVE MEET THE REQUIREMENTS ***** AND DEMAND THAT WE GO BACK TO OUR GOD GIVEN LIBERTY DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND OUR BILL OF RIGHTS! We MUST NOT GET DERAILED BY SIDES OF THE POLITICAL LANDSCAPE, WE MUST HAVE ONE VOICE ALL ASKING FOR THE SAME THING, IF WE ARE TO SUCCEED, PEACEFULLY! Why PEACEFULLY? So we do NOT ALLOW THIS POTUS, to declare MARTIAL LAW! If that happens, NDAA (where you can be detained, indefinenitly , NO ATTORNEY, NOTHING TO PROTECT US FROM THEM! I am begging you to research this post on your own, so I am not influencing you in any way! Go to any search engine and look this stuff up! WITH ONE VOICE, non-partisan, we MUST STAND UP FOR LIBERTY, FREEDOM, OUR DECLERATION OF INDEPENDENCE, BILL OF RIGHTS AND OUR CONSTITUTION TO BE RESTORED FULLY, AS IT WAS WRITTEN, IN 1776! God Bless ALL OF YOU, AND GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES of America! Amen!i

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