Facing Controversy, Obama Political Value Unclear

Barack Obama 11 SC Facing controversy, Obama political value unclear

BOSTON — Trailed by controversy, President Barack Obama is pressing ahead with efforts to boost Democrats Wednesday in Boston and Miami, raising questions about whether the second-term president will be more asset or liability to his party in the coming election season.

Fulfilling a pledge to work harder to help elect Democrats than he did in years past, Obama visits Massachusetts to rally voters ahead of a nationally watched special Senate election. He stops in Miami in the evening to raise cash for the Democratic Party at two private homes.

Each stop lends Obama’s proven ability to energize Democrats to the party’s cause this year and next, with control of Congress and Obama’s second-term agenda at stake. But the visits also create opportunities for Republicans eager to link their Democrat opponents to the Obama administration’s recent troubles, like a string of high-profile controversies involving the Internal Revenue Service and government intelligence-gathering.

Even in Democrat-friendly Massachusetts, there are signs of modest declines in his popularity as Republicans seize on the White House’s struggles in the special election to replace John Kerry and in nascent campaigns across the nation.

“We hope that the president thinks he’s going to be an asset, and goes all over the place,” Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, said. “When you look at how the candidates are reacting, so far the early ones are running away fast.”

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Photo Credit: Geoff Livingston Creative Commons

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