Eye-Opening: This Is Why Liberal Policies Could Be Destroying America


Whether it be the failure of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, Jimmy Carter blaming Americans for the economic problems he created, or Barack Obama blaming Bush for everything – even bad weather, liberal policies just don’t work and create an environment that fosters authoritarianism.  Liberal social welfare policies have created a vast dependent sector of the American population that thrives on handouts from the government and is efficient at searching them out.  In the long run, these policies always self destruct, leading their proponents to attempt to force their beliefs on a population.  There is a reason the biggest mass murderers in history were leftists: ie. Mao, Stalin.

The Great Society has been an expensive, historic failure.  We have thrown trillions of dollars at the poor in this country, only to move them from poverty to dependency.  The sovereign debt of the United States is out of control with no end in sight as the federal government will not deal with the issue.  The African American family has been destroyed.  Most black children grow up without fathers in the household.  Instead of having a solid role model to emulate, they end up robbing 7-11s and getting into gang violence.  Black on black crime is skyrocketing – with 116 shootings in Chicago in black neighborhoods during the July 4th weekend alone.  These are the consequences of liberalism.

American foreign policy is a disaster, just as it was under Carter.  Many Americans do not remember the Iranian hostage crisis.  They do not remember the bodies of dead Americans being drug through the streets of Tehran from the failed hostage rescue mission.  They do not remember Soviet tanks rolling through Afghanistan.  They do, however, remember how Barack Obama squandered the gains made during Bush’s prosecution of the Iraq War.  Americans see the Islamic State being stood-up in the Middle East.  They see Obama ridiculed by Putin and others as they harm our allies and our own national security interests around the world by invading countries and making America look foolish.  The United States is in much more danger of a devastating terrorist attack now than when Barack Obama took office.  Our allies feel betrayed and our enemies feel emboldened.  Liberal policies of appeasement and unilateral disarmament don’t work and lead to global destabilization.

When liberal policies fail, as they always do, the Left begins to first lie about the outcome and blame the conservative opposition.  They begin to call conservatives names and accuse them of all kinds of vile behavior.  They begin to break the law as they believe the end justifies the means to implement their agenda.  We are seeing this in the multiple scandals coming out of this White House.  Eventually they begin to try and force their beliefs on their subjects through force and intimidation.  I believe we are entering that phase in America with the IRS and other federal agencies doing the Democrats’ bidding and intimidating the opposition.  This administration needs to be removed from power as soon as possible and a complete house cleaning needs to be done by the incoming administration.

I hope whomever the next president is will have the stomach to do what is needed to restore the America we all knew and loved.

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