Exposed: The Democrats’ Backdoor “Card Check”

Democrat Recycling Program SC Exposed: The Democrats Backdoor Card Check

The Democrats in New York’s City Council have overridden Mayor Bloomberg’s veto of its bill forcing small businesses to provide “sick days” to their workers. This is a cynical “end run” to Card Check. There is very little chance that Card Check, which would allow unions to “supervise” workers’ votes on whether to unionize, would pass even in today’s political climate. This has forced the desperate unions to find another way to increase their dwindling membership rolls.

The numbers are clear; unions are being crushed under the weight of today’s economic realities. Unions are job killers and put companies out of business. There is no voluntary growth of unionization in the private sector; and without the forced unionization of government workers, there would be no net gain for unions in America.

Nevertheless, unions are a prime source of Democrat campaign war chests; and because of this, Democrats will always protect unions. If unions die, Democrats will suffer financially. For both to stay afloat, they’ve joined together to steal campaign money from unsuspecting workers who don’t want to join a union and don’t support Democrat goals.  Neither of these facts means anything to Democrats or their union allies.

To expand their membership, unions have to follow another path to total unionization of  America’s workforce. Their phony “sick days” trick is their answer.

Forcing small businesses to provide “sick” days to their workers will kill them and force displaced workers to go elsewhere for work. Many will turn to non-union “big box” stores for employment. Once that happens, unions can get Democrats to force some form of “Card Check” on these larger employers. Those who refuse to buckle under will be ordered to unionize by Democrat stooge judges, and all of America will be on the way to total unionization.

This “sick days” trick will destroy the City of New York’s small business community. Watch for it and fight it when it comes to your town; mine is as good as gone.

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