Exposed: Obama’s Plan To Drive A Wedge Between Christians And Church Leaders

Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson (Flickr)

When Barack Obama came out, as it were, for gay “marriage,” he forced adherent black Christians to eat a plate of dirt. On the one hand, they are strongly against homosexuality, which certainly extends to being furiously anti-gay “marriage”; and on the other hand, besides worshiping God, they worship Barack Obama. They were briefly caught in a dilemma: should they obey God or Obama? Of course, God was forced to wait outside of the polling places; and blacks voted for their Messiah anyway. They knuckled under and accepted the plate of dirt.

Having seen this formula work with black Christians, Obama is now trying the same thing against white Christians–especially Catholics. He is working behind the scenes to enlist the help of Catholic bishops to help with the flood of illegal alien children streaming over the southern border. He wants to force a wedge between the people in the pews and their leaders–and force churches to use their money and prestige to avoid being “embarrassed” for not acting in a way that liberals imagine Christians should act.

So far, Christian pastors from Churches along the southern border are willingly marching down the road to deceit. They have tried to minister to the illegal alien children, but have thus far been turned away. Clearly, Obama is hiding something in the shelters these people are being warehoused in.

The idea here is to make the situation so terrible that decent people will throw up their hands and say “Okay, let them stay; give them welfare, send them to school, give them driver’s licenses, and yes, register them as Democrats. Just don’t let them die in these government-maintained concentration camps.”

This will trick groups like the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops into spending money it doesn’t really have and defending ill-conceived social programs that will surely chase more Catholics away. This plays into Obama’s hands by weakening a major enemy of his and strengthening a core constituency – poor Hispanics.

This is the plan; and sadly, it will work unless we fight it like the country’s survival depends on our victory. Because it does.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obuma is the devil who came from HELL to destroy the christian religion.So far he is doing a good job the dickhead appeals to women organizations who,like to kil;l babies in the name of its their bodies.

  2. During the Cold War, I used to shutter when I heard a commercial from an anti-communist source that said "The Communist Plan for world domination is on schedule." Now I shutter every time I hear Obama mentioned, because I know some thing equally sinister is about to follow.

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