Exposed: Brown University’s Racist LGBT Workshop

gay pride flag 3 SC Exposed: Brown University’s Racist LGBT workshop

With employment prospects for college graduates as dismal as Barack Obama has made them, it’s hard to see how this makes sense. Brown University is planning to host a workshop called “Protect me from what I want” designed to help black homosexuals overcome their “unapproved” attraction to caucasian gays.

This is another example of the white liberal’s belief in their right of husbandry over all minorities, especially blacks. These people obviously see “managing” the lives of subgroups as their self-appointed job.

While it’s clear that white liberals believe they should be able to tell anyone how to live their lives, this is never truer than when they deal with blacks.  In the white liberal worldview, blacks are not allowed to think conservative thoughts. They are not allowed to go to any schools not run by the government. They are not allowed to protect themselves with guns or shop in Walmart. They are not allowed to protect their five-year-old children from being forcibly taught what the letters LGBT mean. They are not allowed to maintain their own religious views on gay marriage and abortion.

Even black homosexuals are now being told their attraction to white homosexuals is unacceptable. The same people who force the homosexual lifestyle into every form of entertainment and communication (because to do otherwise is somehow to discriminate against homosexuals’ lifestyles) are telling black gays they have to fight their desires for white gays.

This new white liberal assault on black freedoms comes wrapped in drivel about “white privilege” even extending to who plays pitcher and who plays catcher in black/white gay sex.  Dividing people by race, even gay people, is so appealing to white liberals that they can’t stand seeing black gays with white gays.

The literature describing the workshop bolsters this charge. It says people of color and caucasians will be separated to “unpack some of our specific experiences of racialized desire…”

It costs $55,012 a year to attend Brown University. One has to wonder if the parents who are paying that money think it is worth the effort and sacrifices involved in sending their student to Brown University.  Brown University seems to be just another liberal institution wearing a “new suit of clothes.”     

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  1. There are BOUNDRIES and RULES to EVERYTHING in life that one MUST NOT CROSS, or else our society is corrupt, chaotic and immoral, such as this love and gay marriage topic. A person can love everyone but that does not mean to go screw everyone. Same thing goes for marriage. The BOUNDRY LINE STOPS after marriage between MAN and WOMAN.
    That IS EXACTLY what is WRONG with the world and the people of TODAY!

    • In this case traditions are there for a reason, to protect the perpetuation of the human race in a civil and manageable way and protect it from harm… was not a overnight thought….

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