Watch: Obama’s Possible Plans To Use Military Force On The American People Just Got EXPOSED


When Ferguson, Missouri declared martial law, it was no surprise that SWAT officers drove down the street in mine-resistant light-armored tanks, sporting machine guns, declaring war—literally—on the citizens living under a militarized police force. 

Barack Hussein Obama has transferred billions of dollars of military equipment to local and state police—a half a billion dollars of military equipment in 2013 alone. This does not include the billions of dollars—and billions of bullets—lavished on his personal army, the Department of Homeland Security.

We have a standing army marching across the streets of America.

The question is, why?

The answer: Barack Obama’s coming martial law. 

This video exposes Barack Hussein Obama’s shocking plan to place America under martial law, and possibly to proclaim himself “President for Life.”

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  1. He couldn't even handle the job the first 3 days in office, and the last 6 yrs. have shown just how much he is unprepared to lead any nation, SO What would make him think he could handle it for life?

  2. The cops don't have tanks! I'm so sick of so called journalists who don't know anything about the subject at hand. Every gun is either an Ak-47 or they're all assault rifles. Anything with armored glass on up is a tank. I've seen them calling a gas grenade launcher a machine gun. Get your heads out of your asses and ask your local 14 year old to fact check your stories. My wife is a retired executive editor of a publishing company and she always had things she didn't know checked. I'm a former Air Commando so she had me available.

    Get a brain to share you idiots.

    • Are you sure about that? if anyone needs to get the head out of the arse is you and your wife, you better wake up and do your own research. BHO has been militarizing the police for quite some time and this not new information, bottom line this dude is going no where, he is planning on staying for life. Don't you know that he appointed himself and his ugly she/he as King of America

      • First off, What's the reference to my wife? I never said that she said or did anything except fact checking. Reading is nothing without comprehension. Learn to read the words and not your assumptions. Secondly, I never mentioned obummer and what he has done or plans to do. If I had we would have been in full agreement. And last, I have worked with military weaponry both domestic and foreign for probably longer than you've been alive and try to stay as current as possible. I can assure you that the cops have no tanks. I never said that they don't have armored vehicles because they have for the last 30 years, or more, in some jurisdictions.

        Before you post please reread what you THINK you just read.

        • Just because you haven't seen it, it doesn't mean that it isn't happening, Obozo is militarizing our police and that is a fact!!! this man is wreaking our Country and he will used our own Arm-Forces.

          First thing he did after he stole the election with voter fraud, the election of 2012, he asked if our Military if they would shoot Americans, and those that said No, Obozo replace them with yes men, he has purge our Military on purpose.

          He has no intentions of ever leaving and if he is not stop he will turn on all of us, this lying POS is capable of anything and he is dangerous.

  3. Many, many people are starting to question O and his policies and standing up to O making him dangerous

    • owen jhonson says:

      it took the dumb bstd 5 years before he even came up with a budget. that should have told the dumb morons who voted for him what was in store for them, you reap what you sow moron. enjoy the freestuff an the unemployment, that's your future an your kids an grand kids have –NO FUTURE. YOU SHOW YOUR INTELLIGENCE BY WHO YOU VOTE FOR, MOST OF YOU VOTED FOR S-ITHEAD.

      • Ms. Ming-Lin says:

        Owen Jhonson, Well said.
        I have been saying exactly the same, you're right our kids will be holding this debt to pay it off. Obama screwed them over and these people that voted for him the second time are imbeciles. I'm surprise that no one else responded to you. This site is full of trolls who go up against anyone who speaks ill of this POS Obama.

  4. greyladye says:

    Anyone who is willing to spend a little time researching can go to YouTube and just look up “jade helm 15″, “fema”, and “Barstow”, and watch a few videos to see what the mainstream media is supressing.

    There is a military activity underway

    • Schlong Hannity says:

      Our best bet for survival is to stock up now on large supplies of bottled water, dehydrated food, guns, ammo and get our beds up on concrete blocks so we can hide under them. Don't forget the RedBull and your doggy.

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