Explaining Sharia Law: Sharia’s Republican Supporters

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Let’s stop pretending. The truth of our current situation proves there are just two sides in our fight for the life of America. The American people are on one side, and Washington’s Uniparty is on the other side-the enemy side.

We have come to expect treachery from the Democrat wing of the Uniparty. After all, they are politically soulless creatures with a long history of hatred for America. They will side with anyone against our country for thirty pieces of silver.

The Uniparty also includes a Republican wing. This wing is more furtive. These phonies beat their breasts in pious displays of patriotism but are just as craven in their disregard for our future as the rest of the Uniparty.

In a Uniparty exercise designed to show solidarity with those who would first destroy our allies and ultimately our own country, a few years ago, the Republican branch of the Uniparty lashed out at Michele Bachmann, a remnant Republican Republican, for promoting the obvious fact that the Sharia Law-based Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.

Walid Shoebat, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, assures us she is totally correct. He stands by his support of the Minnesota Representative in her efforts to label the Muslim Brotherhood for what it is: a violent terrorist organization. When Bachmann started her effort to counter Muslim Brotherhood influence in America, she relied on easily available stories in the international media. For her efforts, the Republican branch of Uniparty jumped on her, treating her like an enemy as it rose to defend one of America’s real enemies–the Muslim Brotherhood. Time has proven Bachmann right and her attackers wrong.

Recent events in Egypt make it abundantly clear that those who know the face of terror intimately have no trouble calling the Muslim Brotherhood a terror sect. Bachmann’s bill would have defunded and de-sanctioned and de-legitimized the Brotherhood in America. But that would have caused a problem for the Uniparty. After all, the Muslim Brotherhood is already in the White House, working as advisers to Barack Obama.

The following men are well placed Obama advisers who have Muslim Brotherhood connections: Arif Alikhan Mohammed, Ellbriary Rashad Hussain, Salam al-Marayatl, Iman Mohamed Magid, and Eboo Patel.

The Republican branch Uniparty members who sided with the Muslim Brotherhood are largely silent now, but their treachery is easily recalled. These are the Sharia Law supporters we can no longer call our friends. They are Sharia Law’s friends in Congress: John McCain, Marco Rubio, John Boehner, and Mike Rogers of Michigan.

Photo credit: Shutterstock.com

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  1. scholar says:

    I call for the execution of all traitors from the top down…… The big O is first in line.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Why we got involved in overthrowing Mumbarack is something I'll never understand.I see why Obutthole wanted to because he is a member of the brotherhood. but for the old fart McCVain ,Boner Rubio and Rodgers I'll never understand.Republicans should have been backing a leader who was on our side in helping keep peace with Israel.

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