Obama’s POW Exchange Could Have Just Unleashed His Worst Nightmare

According to multiple experts, the Obama administration’s actions in facilitating the release of American prisoner of war Bowe Bergdahl was an obvious violation of law and could ultimately result in his impeachment proceedings.

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy has a new book in which he details the case of Obama’s impeachment. The recent deal with the Taliban to release five terrorist subjects for Bergdahl’s return, he explains, is yet another route that could lead to charges.

Republican leaders explain Obama himself signed a law last year requiring him to give Congress 30 days’ notice prior to releasing any Guantanamo Bay prisoner.

Aside from the fact that Bergdahl has since been accused of being an Army deserter who expressed his shame about being a soldier and an American, the administration’s handling of his return has become a controversy in itself.

In a recent statement, Rep. Buck McKeon and Sen. Jim Inhofe – both ranking members of their respective armed services committees – explained that Obama not only violated the 30-day notice law but also failed “to explain how the threat posed by such terrorists has been substantially mitigated.”

The Daily Mail cites a White House insider who was stunned by the public backlash against the move, noting administration officials expected “a January 1981 moment” of celebration, as with the release of 52 Americans being held hostage in Iran.

White House sources contended that fears for Bergdahl’s health made his release a priority; however, Press Secretary Jay Carney would not confirm that assertion in a recent press conference.

McCarthy is far more concerned about the release of five dangerous terrorist suspects than in the administration’s failure to give adequate notice to Congress.

He said that “because high crimes and misdemeanors are not statutory offenses but political wrongs that endanger the United States, the return of senior terrorists to the Taliban while we still have soldiers in harm’s way is, in my view, a ‘high crime and misdemeanor.’”

The latest scandal is just one more piece in a puzzle that adds up to a president deserving of impeachment, he explained.

“If it was a standalone, I would never impeach based solely on it,” he said; “but I would add it to a larger indictment.”

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  1. I keep hearing this person and that congressmen will be starting impeachment proceedings but nothing happens. I am tired of talking. I WANT ACTION NOW!!

  2. There's a much better way to take down the lawless Dictator Barry Barack Soetoro Obama: OPEN UP those SEALED AND HIDDEN college applications and records that the Imposter is hiding so very fiercely!
    Instead of useless talk of impeachment which will never happen, there's something BIG about him that's hidden and in there lies the way to put this Manchurian Candidate in shackles in a federal prison forever eating peas. LET'S SEE WHAT HE'S HIDING!

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Basia,
      I agree with you, if we can get Congress to make him open up those sealed records, this would solved everything and this POS can be stop

      Right now number one enemy is Harry Reid, dirty Harry Reid has been protecting this POS since 2008, he and Nancy Pelosi the Dingbat they both knew from the start that Barry Soetoro aka Obama was NOT eligible to be president

      This coming Nov for mid election, we the people must NOT stay home, we must get out and Vote OUT all democrats especially Harry Reid and the rest of the criminals and Rinos.

      McCain at the moment is throwing Obama under the bus regarding this new scandal, only because the mid election is coming up and he is running again, don't let any of us forget that John McCain is a traitor and he too like all the Rinos must go.

      We need good people like Trey gowdy, Rand Paul, Sara Palin and all the Constitutional believing Patriots that are running for office

      • Eric Holder and Obama should both be impeached at the same time due to the facts that they’ve been covering each others asses for so long they’re both criminals and they’re minnions should also be charged pelosi, geitner, reid and clinton to name just a few. We are supposed to all be equal under the law and NONE is to be above the law reguardless of who they are or what their name is this isn’t Britain and they’re NOT our betters! This is America!

    • Check out the site, Pat Dollard. He has an article," Muslim Purchase of the United States Presidency" written by Valerie Jarretts' father in law, Vernon Jarrett. VERY TELLING!!!!!

  3. nightingayle says:

    I knew in 2008 that obama is with the terrorists…when are they going to impeach this fraud???? He will turn our country into Islam…He is the monster we have always feared…impeach impeach impeach impeach

    • joe hump says:

      Americans MUST BURN UP the fire lines to the Capital and DRMAND not ask for Obama's impeachment!!! Nobody dies during Watergate. Nobody dies when Clinton was buffing Monica. Under Obama VETS HAVE DIED, BORDER AGENTS HAVE DIED, MEXICANS HAVE DIED, ecen an AMERICAN AMBASSADOR HAS DIED!!! How many more must die becasue of this ARRAGANT DICTATOR before he is JAILED FOR TREASON!! If this sint aid and comfort to the enemy I dont now what is!!!

  4. Nobodies going to do shit to that piece of crap

  5. To Linda from NY
    Dittos to you on your thoughts. Pelosi and Reid should be in federal prison for falsely certifying the Imposter Obama to run for POTUS. They BOTH knew that he is a fraud yet masked it over. And believe you me, all of Congress, SCOTUS, FBI, CIA, State Dept and all the rest KNOW he is a fraud but are afraid to bring out the truth. It would turn out to be the biggest fraud and scandal ever perpetrated upon We The People and this country!
    As for the Nov elections, you'd better believe that the Dems will propagate massive levels of voter fraud so we who love this country and our Constitution will have to show great numbers. And yes, the establishment politicians on both sides will be lying through their teeth to get re-elected.
    We should be DEMANDING to see what Obama is hiding in his sealed records. Therein lies the answer.

  6. mutantone says:

    another example of "Aid and Comfort" to the enemies of our nation, of the civilized world.
    First he armed and funded member groups of the Muslim Brotherhood, to the extent that he placed them inside of Homeland Security, the Office of Secretary of State and the White House. He is backing the Syrian rebels over the established regime to replace them with Muslim Brotherhood affiliates Hamas, Hezbollah. and now he has released five of the terrorist worst offenders in exchange for a deserter, traitor.
    perhaps it is time to bring a charge of treason against the Obama administration and clean them all out of the government.

  7. Evermyrtle says:

    He pulled another one on America. We were big enough fools to take one of his in exchange for five of his. He thinks that he has America fooled, while he is the fool.

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Evermyrtle,
      Actually that decision was obama and perhaps Jarretts after all she is one of his advisers and she has relatives that are muslims from Iran. Obama did NOT consult Congress on this and Congress is furious. Some time ago Obama was caught on tape saying " I can do whatever I want" and he said I have a pen and a phone to go over Congress's head.

      Obama does NOT respect Congress and it is about time that we the people demand to put pressure on Congress and on Harry Reid who is protecting this traitor.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Linda you and I must think alike because I was telling some friends that I'll bet if the truth beknown Valerie Jarrett the brotherhood plant told the mongrel who to give up for a deserter who father should be shipped over to the middle east.

      • Henry Leunissen says:

        The reason why Obama does not respect Congress is the fact that Congress lets him do whatever he wants to do.

    • Tired of Waiting says:

      Apparently he is not such a fool – he does anything he wants and continues to get away with it! When will it stop?

  8. I am so tired of Obama and his actions I could scream. This piece of shininski must go. What is wrong with our representatives? What else will they allow Obama to do? He is freeing his brothers so they will be allowed to kill more of our soldiers. Enough is enough. Thank you, Rant by Dave.

  9. Obama is begging the people to impeach him or bring charges against him. Why can't us people see the light. Nobody can pull what he is without paying the penalties

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    Elephant Ears knew that he was going to bypass congress and make a deal with the taliban for a deserter.Bergdahl said he was ashamed to be an Anmerican so in my way of thinking was to let the prick rot over there and said his wanna be raghead father there too.I also believe that Val Jarrett gave him a list on who he should send back.As far as the Sec of Defense Hagel he is nothing but a f–king puppet for Obutthole.

  11. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Bowe was not a prisoner, he is an active Taliban collaborator. This scum had 6 other soldiers die on rescue and recover missions. This was not a prisoner of war swap, this was a collaborating soldier for terrorists swap, which encourages terrorists to hold Americans hostage. obama did another treasonist act like he did with al Qaeda by aided and abetted the enemy. obama bypassed Congress again, like he has done with all foreign policy decisions except Syria. This act is a violation of federal law, obama has the power to negotiate with foreign governments, but not with terrorist organizations. This is the impeachable offense he can’t spin out of.

  12. Brian Son of Liberty says:

    I’m telling you now, there are multitudes of Americans all over the nation who are so angry with Barack Obama and the wicked fools of his seditious, fraudulent regime that they are ready to overthrow him! We need the military’s support to force him out of office as indicated in the Declaration of Independence when the tyranny of a ruler is so egregious that his abuses of the people’s rights can no longer be tolerated. Constitution loving patriots will have to go above and beyond the standard call of duty and pour into the streets, flood the polls, and capture media and educational institutions to enough of an extent that these tyrants fear us and back down. We the III percent must outwit and out organize the dangerous, community organizers! There are more than enough of us to do so!

    • joe hump says:

      AMEN!!!! The gutless Republicans will flap their gums and wring their hands and the Imperial Bastard in the White House will continue burning America to the ground if REAL Americans dont remove this TREASONOUS BASTARD!!!

  13. FRANKLIN says:

    HUSSEIN…The most dangerous enemy United States of America has ever had in all its History!…That guy and his "lovely" wife simply HATE this country and everything its people love and fight for. And worst, those foreign ENEMIES live within the White House.

  14. The sooner Obama is kicked out of office the better it will be for everyone in our country,even for left leaning losers that helped put this moron in office.

  15. Dave G. says:

    Like I stated on yesterday's article, they meaning congress/senate will NEVER EVER EVER NEVER impeach the first black President! Not gonna happen in a 1000 lifetimes folks, just suck it up and pray he doesn't decide to run again in 2016 or worse Dillary Clinton will become the 1st female (if you can call her that) President! I hate it as much as everyone else on here, but if he hasn't been booted by now, he never will!!!

  16. Impeach him today what will it take to get him out if he has his way he will be there permanently because no one has guts enough to stand against him . this is a tyrannical government please america dont let her go under after so many has fought and died for our nation under God. He thinks he is boss and his opinion is the gospel we have a constitution to protect Congress better show him who is boss or they to will be out. too. They represent the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA>>> quit babbling around do SOMETHING…….

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