Exclusive Update From Kiev: Russians Blocking Loved Ones Trying To Reclaim Bodies From MH-17 Crash Site


Col. Andriy Lysenko, Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Spokesman, gave a briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center in Kiev which I attended (footage embedded above.)  The bottom-line is that he insinuated that Ukrainian military and forensic personnel are still not being given full access to human remains on the MH17 crash site.  There are multiple sites stretched over several miles that contain human remains.

The Colonel stated that the rebels are being compressed in the area around Donetsk.  He stated that they have been commandeering local private houses for military purposes as well as taking hostages and releasing prisoners from regional jails to fight for the rebel cause.  He also informed the media crowd that the pilots from the two SU-25s recently shot down were going to be returned and had not been detained by the pro-Russian separatists.

In another development, it seems probable that the Ukrainian First Battalion of the 79th Airborne Brigade was completely destroyed by Russian artillery and rocket fire along the Ukrainian/Russian border.  The unit was fighting its way to the border and was betrayed by a group of partisans who blocked their retreat in the face of overwhelming artillery fire.  Only seventy-five of the several hundred Ukrainian soldiers made it out alive.

A Dutch representative also spoke at the briefing, outlining Dutch efforts to retrieve the bodies from flight MH17.  He praised the Ukrainian government for all of their help in the recovering the dead. When asked whether it was difficult to deal with the remains of the deceased falling from the sky, the representative stated they have been prevented by criminals and lunatics from accessing the remaining bodies of the individuals who perished in the shootdown.

“We are human beings made of flesh and blood.  We have mixed feelings when dealing with the remains.  We are sad and angry.”

Finally today, the Ukrainian Prime Minister resigned along with the rest of the parliament. The new Prime Minister, Volodymyr Groisman, states that Ukraine has finally gotten rid of its Soviet past by cleansing the parliament of the Communist Party.

Tomorrow, we will have a briefing from the new Prime Minister of Ukraine, which should be informative as to the future path of the government.

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