Exclusive: The Enigma That Is Barack Hussein Obama, Part Two

Barack Obama speech 4 SC Exclusive: The Enigma That Is Barack Hussein Obama, Part Two

Next up in our investigation is the run-up to the election after clinching the Democrats’ Nominee as their candidate for president.  Barry has sequestered and locked away all of his personal records in some safe dark place where they will never again be shown the light of day.

These records include his “certificate of live birth” (he released a forgery), his college transcripts, Harvard thesis, student loans, Harvard law review articles, passport, medical records, Illinois Senate records, community organizer activity with ACORN, and others.  His Illinois bar registration, social security no. (he uses one originating in Connecticut) from a place he never lived, and most any other documents of a personal or professional nature could be construed as his bona fides.  His army of lawyers from the Perkins Coie law firm of Seattle, Washington are his henchman to make sure that each and every challenge to his narrative is immediately quelled.  So much for the most “open and transparent” administration in history, which was only rhetoric as we have seen with his dismal performance in office.

This is beginning to make sense when all the facts leading up to this are considered; clearly, he is hiding something, and all these actions appear preemptive in nature as a possible legal defense for something as of yet undisclosed.

This tapestries’ warp and weft threads are beginning to appear skewed to the “left“, way to the left if not a tangled mess; he has not even been elected to the office of President and is now completely shadowed and encased in several mysteries.

A perfect Manchurian candidate if there ever was one.

An honorable mention that had not made the “list” has to be made in passing as it will have significance later on: the announcement that Gitmo would be closed in a years time, which was his first Executive Order after being sworn in as President.  Almost four years later it is still open for business.  I am partial to using Latin phrases for their descriptive quality, res ipsa loquitor, “it speaks for itself“; enough said, moving along!

Our next anomaly occurs in February of 2009 when Barry sends the Bust of Churchill back to Britain that had loaned the Bust to America during George W. Bush’s first term in the Oval Office after 9/11 as a showing of solidarity with the American people; what follows is a poignant description from a British newspaper The Telegraph:

The bronze by Sir Jacob Epstein, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds if it were ever sold on the open market, enjoyed pride of place in the Oval Offic during President Bush’s tenure.

The official word is that Barry chose not to extend the “loan” and returned it to the British Ambassadors’ residence in Washington.  We have another curious nexus with Britain as Barry’s father was a British subject, and the Russians accused him of being a spy for them in Siberia during his first official visit on becoming a Senator.

Is there any animosity towards Britain on Barry’s part? We may never know.  It sure looks like it.  Should we even mention that he could claim dual citizenship with Britain as he casually mentioned in late 2008 on “fightthesmears.com.”  There goes the constitutionally required claim to “natural born citizen” status that Barry claims to possess; who cares as he is above such trivial requirements as the rest of us mere mortals?

As we move down the path that is all things Obama, we have a supreme act of callousness; without much fanfare, the DOJ drops charges against Abd al Rahim al Nashiri in February 2009.  He was the mastermind behind the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen’s port of Aden in 2000.  Eric Holder and his band of angelic attorneys in the DOJ revealed that he had been allegedly tortured while in CIA custody under GWB, and Obama‘s nebulous Executive Order on torture caused them to drop the charges.  All this special treatment for Rahim because of his treatment at the hands of the CIA, and the dead are stacked up like cord wood with Fast & Furious, absolutely of no consequence to Barry or Holder.  This only reinforces Stalin’s perspective as emulated by these modern practitioners of his heinous brutality: “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.”

February is a busy month for Barry and company; after all of this, Rahim was subsequently charged before a Military Tribunal (a scourge Barry has tried to eliminate) at Gitmo that carries the same death penalty.  Politics is a strange mistress and bedfellow with Obama, and company as form and appearance trumps substance every time!

Why were these first charges dropped; was it done to only cause as much undue stress, pain, and hardship to the families of the 17 victims that lost their lives (and the Nation at large)? It ends up being “much ado about nothing,” to quote Shakespeare, except to discredit George W. Bush one more time, always a crowd pleaser to Obama and his merry band of sycophants on the left. A story on MSNBC about this debacle sends home the message by the retired Commander of the U.S.S Cole:

“I was certainly disappointed with the decision to delay the military commissions     process,” Lippold, now a defense adviser to Military Families United, said in an     interview Thursday night. “We have already waited eight years. Justice delayed is     justice denied. We must allow the military commission process to go forward.”

All Barry had to do was allow the Tribunal to continue, which would not have caused any harm to the accused or the federal government in this matter (or anyone for that matter.) Once again, Obama seems incapable of filling the shoes of GWB, and it seems well beyond the capabilities of poor little Barry of having any compassion for the victims of this heinous crime. His sympathies lie with Muslim terrorists and not American citizens.

We are still in February as we stroll down the path of this sentimental journey where Barry and the 111th Congress turned their laser like focus to the economy.  Which, of course, he begrudgingly inherited from George W. Bush, and he let us know this at every turn that it was anyone‘s fault but his.  Barry foisted the responsibility for drafting a perverse piece of legislation on the House and Senate leadership of that famous comedy team of Pelosi & Reid, so that he could always use plausible denial if it all went south, a paper tiger if there ever was one.

They dredged up all the failed initiatives of the Democrats for the last thirty years and stuffed them into one gigantic Bill they called “Stimulus”, with a cost of one trillion dollars when all waste and bureaucracy is laid at the feet of the American taxpayer.  Fox News had a rather sober perspective on this act of treachery by the Democrats:

The House approved the measure earlier in the day by a vote of 246-183, with no Republican “yes” votes and one member voting present.

The stated intent for the “stimulus” was to provide for “shovel ready projects” to put Americans back to work quickly repairing or replacing much of our nation’s infrastructure.  We were also told that unemployment would never go above 8% in this monstrosity of a 1073 page bill, which was the start of the trend of legislation too large to read before passage in the Democrat-controlled Congress.  The official current rate of unemployment is fluctuating around 8.5% with the true rate somewhere between 18% and 22%.  This includes all those that have quit searching for jobs in this train wreck of an economy.

(Note: here is a previous article on how Barry and company are hiding the facts about our economy from the American people.)

Minority unemployment is even worse.  Which is in no small way due to the Democrats’ misguided initiatives to starve and smother the powerhouse that is our economy with their crazy Keynesian economic voodoo.

We need to take a moment and recognize that only 50% of our citizens are set to the yoke of this burden and bear the brunt of actually paying taxes to the federal government.  The rest either pay no “taxes” or receive back more than they paid with credits and other tax rebate schemes, federal reimbursements, and benefit programs.  This is just another of the Democrats’ “fair share” tax policies and heartily supported by Barry, who wants even more taxes on these taxpayers, all in the name of “fairness.

However, during the legislative process for this nightmare, we had Barry constantly on the news feeds and channels predicting dire consequences if the “stimulus bill” was not passed, which had the desired effect of destruction of wealth as the stock market continued to plunge after each new pronouncement.

(Note: this was only the start for Barry as he is on track to add $6 trillion to the national debt in only four years at a rate that is 6 times greater than the deficits that Bush ran up in eight years.  Bush only averaged $250 billion per year, Barry $1.25 trillion.)

All of this hyperbole and constant news-churning by Barry actually caused one woman to discard her television set and capture the national news attention; this was a story all to itself.  Think of it as Barry‘s contribution to class warfare and the destruction of the evil wealthy and rich in this nation (thanks, Barry), factor in Barry’s and the Democrats‘ support of OWS, and it should cause all of us to stop and ponder the consequences.

We cannot continue this discussion on who and what our dear leader Barry is without an introduction to the “Tea Party” (TEA is an acronym for “taxed enough already”), a grass roots movement of dissatisfied citizens on the course that the nation has taken.  Pelosi quipped they are nothing but “Astro Turf” when she was the Speaker of the House, and they promptly ended her tenure!  This movement was born out of a rant by CNBC analyst Rick Santelli of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange about Barry’s initiative to pay for the refinance of mortgages for people that were underwater and facing foreclosure.

It was dubbed the “rant heard round the world” and was aired on February 19, 2009.

Those that know our history will recognize that it is an updated version of “the shot heard round the world” at Concord Massachusetts in 1776 at the start of our war of independence from Britain and the tyranny of King George.  Today, we face a different kind of war, one against our founding principals led by Barry and his supporters who are socialists, progressives, marxists, Democrats, and liberals. These are an alphabet soup of malcontents all bent on destroying our American way of life, although it is tyranny nonetheless.

Barry could not help himself, and he waded into this controversy as a significant portion of the population refused to worship him, so he gestured a wave and used the term “waving their tea bags.”  This expression has become a derogatory expression of this movement by the left, and they call these people “Tea Baggers” by the OWS and other media mavens, correspondents, talking heads, liberal pundits, and bloggers as they try to discredit this movement.

It has since been expanded to be defined as a movement of racist and ungrateful bigoted citizens by the media horde, not very different from the derogatory “birther“ term they use to discredit anyone that does not believe in the nativity of Barry either.  The media and Obama supporters use ridicule instead of actually meeting these issues head-on, and this is another indication that we are fast becoming a nation that has abandoned the rule of law for the din of the current crowd in Washington, which trumps reason and law at every turn.

On a personal note, I end this part with an observation: when did dissent of our Government and their policies became unpatriotic and subject the nation to ridicule when we disagree with our President, Congress or with any political initiative?  This is what has led to Barry and his capitalist cronies and minions being dubbed a regime, (“mea culpa,” again another Latin phrase for “my mistake” or “my fault,; look in your own backyard first, Barry, before tarring the American people with your tainted and foul brush!

The term “political correctness” was coined during the Clinton years as a means to stifle opposing viewpoints and speech and further exploited and exacerbated now that Barry is in office with the media honing to it as an art form to discredit and quiet legitimate debate.

Part Three will conclude this portion of the investigation and closes 2009 with the revelation of numerous communists in Barry’s White House and the fascist takeover of several industries along with the cruel treatment of the people of Iran that sought freedom from their Muslim oppressors.

Part One

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  1. True American says:

    Obama is just an out of control Muslim that America needs to vote out of White house once and for all & never again let any other fraud slip by like Barry did …. Lets pray 2012 is new start for real Americans that injoy the land of brave & free

  2. Our country is at an end, if this monster is reelected. VOTE for Romney to save our Republic!

  3. MontieR says:

    O is a complete fraud and does NOT legally hold the title of president.

  4. The communist, socialist, leftist, but then I repeat myself, have seized control of the US. The leftist set the agenda for the entire country using the leftist media and the leftist courts. Barry Soetoro is their lead man in the Black House. He is a fraud perpetrated upon the US by the media. This scoundrel must be put in prison. He must not be allowed to get away with the biggest fraud in world history. In any event he must be defeated at the voting booths in so large a victory that all the cheating that the Democrats will do will still not be enough to save the fraud, Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Hussein Obama. Vote Rommey. Whatever Rommey is he will never come close to that fraud we have in the White House now. Voting for anyone else will just take away votes from Rommey and will put Barry Soetoro back in the presidency.

  5. JOSEPH FELS says:

    being a silver tongue d—l what would you expect…those who hide their selves away from the eyes of the population are really agents of the adversary who is the father of all lies…The person who sits behind the desk in the oval office is the product of the follower of those who hold L—–r as the ruling truth…so of course this person doesn't want the truth to come to light for fear of being burned by the brightness…For which is transparency would be exposed……Just wait the truth is out there and it will set him free from the desk in the oval office…Just one man's opinion

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