Exclusive: Lawyer Files Request For Fuddy Autopsy

Orly Taitz

The continuing saga surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate once again moved to the forefront when the woman responsible for authenticating the document died in a plane crash off of Hawaii’s coast recently. She was the only passenger – out of a reported nine total people on board – to die in the crash.

Dr. Orly Taitz, an attorney who has filed numerous lawsuits related to the birth certificate issue, is behind an effort to obtain a copy of Fuddy’s autopsy. In an exclusive interview with the Western Center for Journalism, she cited several pieces of anecdotal evidence she believes refute official reports.

“I have a file with all of the media reports on this accident,” she said, “and there are contradictions.”

Taitz is not alone in speculating that there might be more to Fuddy’s death than has been reported; however, she alleges several eyewitness accounts cast aspersion on official accounts of the crash. For instance, she said there is some debate regarding whether the plane’s pilot made a mayday call prior to the incident. Initial reports, she explained, indicate that no such call was sent.

“A supporter of mine reached Richard Schuman, the owner of Makani Kai Air that owns the plane,” she said. “He stated there was a mayday call.”

She also questions accounts that show rescue crews did not reach the scene until well after the plane crashed, indicating that the site’s proximity to the coast would have made the event obvious.

“They were very close to shore,” she contended. “In this instance, the crash could have been seen by shore. Why did it take a reported hour-and-a-half to rescue them?”

Finally, she questions the accuracy of reports stating that nine individuals were on board the doomed flight.

While fire and rescue crews reported that “when helicopters arrived they saw nine floating passengers,” Taitz alleges that “by the time they arrived … two of the individuals already swam to shore.”

The investigation continues into Fuddy’s death; and Taitz – along with others skeptical of the event – will rely on subsequent information in their effort to find the truth. At this point, the only unquestionable fact is that a prominent figure in Obama’s birth certificate debate is no longer able to shed any further light on the issue.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Yeah, just like back when that other libtard 'president' was in power….the Ron Brown 'plane crash' death….
    The two military forensic pathologists who bothered to mention the .45 caliber BULLET HOLE in Brown's head were shipped off to Siberia…effectively ending their careers…
    Libtards are quite adept at murdering people who pose a threat…
    Brown, Vince Foster…ad infinitum, ad nauseum…

  2. I haven't heard if any of the other passengers were injured and, if so, how bad. If the impact was enough to kill Ms. Fuddy, the others must have sustained substantial injuries. Just haven't heard anything about that.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'm standing by what I've said that this Fuddy was killed because she was a witness to the fraud Obutthole committed by the Sand Monkey.I'm sure the Clintons advised him on how to do it.Don't forget Slick & Hitlary are pros at doing away with witnesses who could put them in orange jumpsuits.They've been taking out people since he was Governor.Just google and you'll see the list of people that died untimely deaths.

  4. Chances are we will never get the truth. Just too convenient for Obozo.

  5. My take is Fuddy was dead before the plane touched down on the water . I believe the pilot landed the plane on the water . There to many people in the state of Hawaii who could be in hot water if the truth ever got out about the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama and the birth certificate mill run in the state of Hawaii . Think about it if it is true that the state Hawaii gave out birth certificate to people born outside the state of Hawaii and the United State from other counties in the late fifties and sixties then think of the can of worms that would open up .

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