The Last War On US Soil Ended 150 Years Ago, But The Next One Could Be Sooner Than You Think….


Long after Barack Obama declared the war in Iraq over, terror groups including the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are capturing cities across the nation in a violent takeover. As renewed U.S. involvement in the conflict remains uncertain, ISIS has coordinated a frightening Twitter campaign meant to discourage the presence of American troops in the region.

Using the hashtag #CalamityWillBefallUS, ISIS and other related groups are issuing direct threats to the safety of America and its citizens.

The chilling message is clear. Islamic terrorists are willing to bring their campaign to America. With a constant stream of new posts under this blunt hashtag, it is obvious that a large number of extremists back the deadly mission.

Using graphic photos and references to the 9/11 attack, the seemingly endless stream of tweets provides a startling glimpse into the intentions of this network of terrorists.

Some patriots are using the tag to rally Americans…

…however, the overwhelming majority of its users are issuing direct threats against U.S. soldiers and citizens.

As of this writing, hundreds of new tweets continue to be posted by the minute. 

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