EXCLUSIVE: Arpaio’s Candid Critique Of Eric Holder


Public support for impeaching Attorney General Eric Holder has been bolstered recently by an initiative by several Republican congressmen. The group has prepared articles of impeachment against the Justice Department head, continuing a campaign spearheaded by the Western Center for Journalism.

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The articles drafted in the U.S. House detail a number of DOJ scandals, including the Fast and Furious debacle and the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups.

Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, often called “America’s toughest sheriff,” is among Holder’s many critics. He recently sat down for an exclusive interview regarding his unique experiences with the current Justice Department.

“I’ve been in law enforcement over 50 years;” he said, “coincidently, almost 26 years with the Department of Justice, which Holder is now attorney general appointed by the president.”

Despite – or perhaps because of – his long history within the agency, Arpaio said he has faced frequent and persistent backlash from Holder’s DOJ since Barack Obama’s election.

“After that administration took office, they seemed to target in on me,” he said, “especially the Department of Justice and the attorney general.”

It is no secret Arpaio is an active opponent of the Obama regime, which he said is a likely factor in the treatment he has received.

“It probably has to do with immigration and my fight against illegal immigration,” he said. Furthermore, his relentless pursuit of the truth regarding Obama’s birth certificate has earned him even more enemies.

“The birth certificate, which we started two years ago and is still in progress and we’re finding more fire, is another issue,” he said.

Though he can’t be sure “if that has any bearing,” Arpaio understands he is not a popular figure among Obama’s supporters.

“I will say I do not get a Christmas card from the president,” he added.

In the end, Arpaio didn’t weigh in on the effort to impeach Holder. Instead, he identified the one area of common ground he shares with the attorney general.

“He’s still there,” Arpaio said, “so you have to give him some credit … and I hope he gives me some credit to say, ‘Sheriff, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing after you, you’re still around too. So, we’re both in the same boat.”

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. I stand with Sheriff Joe. He will still be standing while Holder is doing time!

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