Exclusive: After What This AZ Sheriff Just Said, The Federal Government Better Not Mess With Him

Sheriff Babeu

Hundreds of people gathered at a remote desert location in Oracle, Arizona, early Tuesday to both protest and support the delivery of 40 to 60 illegal immigrant children to Sycamore Canyon Academy in the Catalina Mountains.  A press release had been circulated over the weekend that stated that the Department of Homeland Security would be off-loading unaccompanied minors in Pinal County.  Yet as the day wore on, it became apparent that the buses were not coming.

The Sheriff spoke with reporters at the intersection of Mt. Lemon and Webb Road near the boys’ ranch.

“These unaccompanied juveniles should be put on planes and returned to their country of origin and reunited with their families,” Babeu said.

When asked if he has been working with DHS, Sheriff Babeu said that he had been attempting to reach Jeh Johnson and other top officials by fax, email, and phone.

“There’s a lot of confusion,” Babeu continued. “Even here in Arizona.”

Babeu was told on Tuesday that the unaccompanied immigrants were not coming to the ranch.

“Who’s running this operation?” he asked rhetorically.  “This is where I am not only upset, I’m insulted by the lack of cooperation by the Federal Government.”

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  1. The build up is here, all hell is breaking loose everywhere. The downed jetliner, Israel’s invasion, our border catastrophe… It’s here. America is plunging into the darkness. The world is plunging into the darkness.

    Repent. Repent. Repent. It’s here…

    • TRUEAMERICAN says:

      How about get off your butt and do something. Repent my eye, that is not going to help. Christians are to blame as much as anyone always saying "Jebus is coming" never doing anything only helping our country collapse because they think it will make Jebus return. I UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE CALL CHRISTIANS TERRORISTS. DO SOMETHING. DO SOMETHING. DO SOMETHING. ITS HERE…. YOU LAZY UNAMERICAN CHRISTIAN

      • You gotta be the dumbest moron in America! What I wouldn't give to box an idiot like you! You sound like your just 'begging' to swallow a few teeth!

      • Gee, just can't fix stupid, huh?

      • And it's Jesus not Jebus. What do expect us to do sir? Can you march into DC and demand him to step down? I think not, so how do you expect us too? All we are stating is facts, Biblical facts, if you don't like it well there really isn't much I can do about that, but either way Jesus is coming and I suppose you will just have to find out the hard way, oops little too late then! Everyone likes jumping onto Christians like we can demand things, all we can do is pray, and seek God for an answer, it's better than ranting and raving and still getting nothing accomplished! As you well know this man respects no one, only his close commie partners in crime, so tell me what magical thing do you think we can do? Good day to you sir, and btw I will pray that Jesus shows you in someway to trust in him, because in these times we live in he is our ONLY hope, not some new President

    • And I bet Obama's foing on vacation or playing golf, while the world burns.

    • David G says:

      Amen brother, it is upon us and has been for awhile! It is time to GET RIGHT OR GET LEFT, TURN OR BURN, it is as simple as that! Accept Christ into your heart and turn from your wicked, wicked ways, the only way to the father is through the son (Jesus Christ!)


    WHAT THE HECK IS DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY'S JOB. We have potential biological weapons being disbursed through the entire country BY DHS?. ITS MORE LIKE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND INSECURITY. If they obey commands that put the American populace in danger of biological diseases how are they any different than terrorists? What the heck is DHS's job. I GET IT NOW- DHS IS OUR EQUIVALENT OF THE GESTAPO, their job is to terrorize innocent and peaceful citizens. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND INSECURITY.

    • Warrior Princess says:

      obama promised transparency. The only thing transparent is that we have been infiltrated by a ring of rogues in place to destroy us.

  3. Impeach the imposter and his accomplice,guilty by association!If America only had a real President!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Warrior Princess says:

    I read that ten countries in the UN said we need to take all these so called refugees. The pope thinks it is globalization which is all over the planet. The pope and these ten countries are not so stupid that they can not understand that this invasion will lead to our collapse. I am sure they know his completely. Therefore they want our collapse. If they cared at all, they would go to the crime ridden countries and help them stop the crime. I am all for axing the UN and the pope needs to shut up and mind his own business.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm catholic but I'd tell Pope Frankie to pound salt and have these infested kids shipped to Italy andlive in the Palace he doesnt want to live in.

    • America Forever says:

      Isn't America supposed to be the "melting pot" of the world? Weren't we able to become as great as we are because of all the immigrants who helped build the railroads and cities?Therefore wouldn't accepting these people make us stronger and not weaker?

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Why is it that it seems like all good Sheriffs come from Az or Texas

  6. Byron Mullet says:

    Basically, we need an invasagration policy. If we did send them back they would tell the others not to come. This would be the opposite of Barak Obama's southern hospitality "Ya'll come and see us" and stay policy.

  7. Repost; In Ukraine there was a coup that overthrew President, because someone didn't like? Тhe same thing can be done in any country? For example: many people in the US don't like Obama, then it can also be overthrown as in Ukraine? Do you think this is normal? I do not know any country where would all people love their President, so let's topple presidents and not wait for the end of the term as you think it is normal? The power was taken by people who are fighting in the Parliament, do you think this is a good government, look here: Ukrainian Mortal Kombat:

    This is a good government, if they beat people because they don't like what they say? Look at the faces of those who are in government in Ukraine now, if there'd be one honest person, someone you like?
    Why do you think that everyone in Ukraine shall enjoy the new government? Why do you think that everyone should obey them? Do you know what government in Ukraine arrest and kill people who disagree with them, this OK????
    Why people run to Russia and asked for protection? Why people run away from Ukraine? Why is the army of Ukraine goes to the side of Russia? Why Obama supports the Ukrainian new government and give money. American people pay tax, this is American money. Americans don't need help? Why Obama allows OK to kill and to bomb the civilian population in Ukraine, is this normal??? Ask you???

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