Ex-CNN’s Franken: Romney Painted NAACP As ‘Willie Hortons’

Rush Limbaugh arms crossed SC1 Ex CNNs Franken: Romney Painted NAACP as Willie Hortons

Appearing as a panel member on Sunday’s Melissa Harris-Perry show, syndicated columnist and former CNN correspondent Al Franken obnoxiously accused Mitt Romney of trying to portray the NAACP audience he spoke to as “Willie Hortons” whom he could use to motivate his Republican base. He went on to claim that Rush Limbaugh, whom he called the “grand dragon of radio,” represents people who wish to return to Jim Crow segregation in America.

After fellow panel member and MSNBC contributor Joy Reid charged that Romney attended the NAACP convention to impress moderate white voters and also to motivate his conservative base, Franken began:

Well, I share your analysis that he was trying to fire up the base and was using props. I think that what he was trying to say to the base – and this will be a bit provocative, you know how I hate that – what he was saying to the base is that he was talking to a room full of Willie Hortons.

Read More at Media Research Center. By Brad Wilmouth.

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