Ex-ABC Head Denies Liberal Bias

Mitt Romney 200x300 Ex ABC Head Denies Liberal Bias

Appearing as a guest on Tuesday’s The O’Reilly Factor to promote his book, Exit Interview, former ABC News president David Westin denied seeing a liberal bias among his colleagues when he was head of ABC News, and, when confronted by a recent study by the MRC’s Business and Media Institute, rationalized the greater attention the media have paid to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s wealth this year as opposed to Democratic nominee John Kerry’s wealth in 2004.

Host Bill O’Reilly began by recounting the recent MRC study documenting the imbalance in media treatment of Kerry versus Romney, giving Westin – who was head of ABC News in 2004 but has since retired – a chance to respond. Westin argued that the economy is a bigger issue this year than it was in 2004:

And my recollection in 2004 is the big issue the country was facing was the war. It was Iraq. That’s what everybody was talking about. And interestingly – you remember this well – what happened during that election was really they turned around Kerry’s war record with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth – I talk about this in the book – and made it all sort of a referendum on his claim to be a hero.

He soon added:

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have – they shouldn’t cover this less than they are. I’m not trying to defend that, Bill. But what I am saying is right now I think many Americans are worried about their economic situation. They’re worried about their jobs, their houses, their children, their 401(k)s, things like that. That was not true in 2004.

He ended up suggesting that the media had followed an example supposedly set by the Bush campaign to make Kerry’s war record an issue, and that the media are currently following a similar lead from the Obama campaign’s attempts to make Romney’s wealth an issue. Westin:

It’s also driven by the opponent. I mean, the Obama campaign is pushing this story very, very hard. Bush was pushing the “let’s challenge Kerry’s war record hard, too.”

But Westin’s analysis ignored the fact that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth – rather than the Bush campaign – were mostly ignored when the right-leaning group emerged in May 2004 until August when Kerry himself started attacking the group because their ad campaign challenging his Vietnam War record was hurting his poll numbers. The media came to Kerry’s defense by trying to undermine the anti-Kerry Swift Boat group.

Read More at Media Research Center. By Brad Wilmouth.

Photo credit: davelawrence8 (Creative Commons)

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  1. ProundPatriotToo says:

    Denies with his fingers crossed behind his back, or he suffers from the brain cancer called denial. No cure as far as we know. If we did, we could cure half of this country and be back on track.

  2. Ann in Nebraska says:

    I quit watching the lamestream media about three months ago. I caught ABC News with Diane Sawyer lying once too often and told my husband that I was done with them. If I watch the news, I watch Fox. Haven't caught them lying to me, at least not yet. My news comes from 18 different sources every day. Very honestly, I think I'm better informed now than I was when I was watching TV. ABC, NBC, CBS. CNN (loser), MSNBC – all of them suck at providing honest news. I'm done with all of 'em. NOBAMA 2012!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Ann I feel the same way I'd rather watch grass grow then listen to ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN or MSNBC.It's Fox or nothing.

  3. D.Marie says:

    The only reason that I watch the lame-stream media, is to find out what truth they aren't telling people. I'm surprised that Westin could tell his lies with a straight face. Disgusting!

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