Every Bank Transaction Will Require A Bio-scan

Dollar Bills SC Every bank transaction will require a bio scan

About two years ago my local bank (Key bank – Bethel, Ohio) totally
renovated the building. The first time entering that branch after the
renovation, I noticed that there were thumb print readers at each teller
station, but they were turned off. About a year later, I had to go to the
bank for some reason and I noticed that the thumb print readers were still
in place but had not been activated in a whole years time.

I asked the teller why the thumb print readers were not being used, that it
seemed like a lot of wasted money, having these things installed and never
being used.

The teller told me that the thumb print readers were installed early,
making ready for when the complete system was rolled out and that, the
other Key bank branches were not upgraded yet.

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  1. keester says:

    good bye banks……..
    they won't be in our lives no more in our family, and we won't miss em tell us what tf to do.

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Banks are already using "bio scans", especially the large banks. If you go to the teller to cash a check, you must put your thumbprint on it.
    Yet just another reason on page 1,004 of obamacare are you going to be required to have an RFID chip implanted, as it says, in your right hand or forehead.
    If you believe in God, you understand what this means.
    How close we are to being a cashless society.
    Read for yourself: http://www.therightplanet.com/2012/07/obamacare-p

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