Evander Holyfield: Gay Lifestyle “Ain’t Normal”

Photo credit: cliff1066™ (Creative Commons)

If boxing champion Evander Holyfield thought having his ear bitten off by Mike Tyson would be the fiercest attack he would receive during his career, he underestimated the vitriolic potential of the homosexual lobby.

In much the same way they overreacted to “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson’s biblical comments about the sexual orientation, activists responded to statements Holyfield made recently on “Celebrity Big Brother” with demands that he be kicked off the program.

In a recent episode of United Kingdom’s version of the show, the former heavyweight champ shared his opinion that homosexuals can be reformed, describing such a sexual proclivity as a “handicap.”

Holyfield, a self-professed Christian, merely expressed a view held by millions of fellow believers, explaining those living in a lifestyle many consider sinful can change – just as with those struggling with any sin. Furthermore, his comments came only as part of a private discussion with housemate Luisa Zissman, who declared it “normal” to explore one’s sexuality.

Holyfield contended individuals have a choice in the matter, comparing homosexuality to any malady in need of attention.

“If you were born and your leg were turned this way,” he explained, “what would you do? You go to the doctor and get it fixed back, right?”

Though he was reprimanded on the show and network CBB issued a statement rebuking the comments, no official reports indicate Holyfield will be removed from the program. Obviously, his ideological opponents want to see a harsher punishment.

Social media network Twitter has been teeming with calls to evict the star athlete from the Big Brother house, expressing the common leftist definition of free speech. Too many on the far left are tolerant of only those statements that reaffirm their own worldview.

#EvanderHolyfield is still in the big brother house..WHYYYY?? He is a homophobic and should be removed. retweet to get him out #cbb @bbuk RT

— Ryan Ruckledge (@ryruckledge) January 6, 2014


Even one Daily Mail television critic shared his take of the controversy:

Just catching up on #cbb Can’t believe Evander Holyfield didn’t get kicked out for saying being gay is a choice. C5 bottled it big time.

— Ian Hyland (@HylandIan) January 5, 2014


Of course, there are always plenty of rational users who see the hypocrisy of such outrage.

Right so it would be ok if a muslim person said what #EvanderHolyfield did but because a christian has said it, it’s the end of the world

— Kimberley (@xKimLythallx) January 6, 2014


Since its inception, “Big Brother” has been defined as a medium through which viewers can watch individuals of various backgrounds survive alongside one another. As the rules of political correctness have grown exponentially more absurd, even the unrefined genre of reality television is no longer safe.


Photo credit: cliff1066™ (Creative Commons)

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