EU Theft Of Private Bank Accounts A “sacrifice” To Mainstream Media

europe 2 SC EU theft of private bank accounts a “sacrifice” to mainstream media

The mainstream media downplaying of what is happening in the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus this weekend is already muddying the water.

Tens of thousands of unwitting little people have had their bank accounts ripped off over the long weekend by their own government, in a fashion where their ripped off funds were already a fait accompli before word began to leak out over social media.

Media downplaying notwithstanding, the unvarnished truth about what is happening in Cyprus is both precedent setting and staggering in dimension.

Yet mainstream media reports are already describing the robbery of ordinary depositor’s money as a “one-off levy”, and writing “the first time a deal has called for savers to sacrifice some of their cash holdings”.

As the Brits, who have already come to the rescue of their military personnel and ex-patriots would say: “Bollocks!”

 Read More at Canada Free Press . By Judi McLeod.

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  1. I am sure Obama advised the EU and Cypriots to take the people's money. He has the same or bigger plans for America!

    • Yes, you are correct, watch now you will seeAmericans start to quietly store money at home. Mark my words.

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