Eric Snowden And Cyber Terrorism

cyberwar 300x145 Eric Snowden and Cyber Terrorism

Admittedly there is still much to learn  about Mr. Snowden and his perceived or proven agenda.  But enough time  has passed and enough information has been tossed around, some good,  some bad and mostly unsubstantiated, for us to be able to form at least a preliminary tableau.

As with many conservatives, Libertarians and constitution minded  citizens, the first Snowden interview we were exposed to had us standing and cheering.  Here we had a young and seemingly very intelligent  individual, who had seen the light and was ready to put his career and  even his life on the line in order to expose a government that no longer valued the rights and privacy of the American people.

Its no secret – pun intended – that most governments and in particular  this Obama administration, can not be trusted to do the right thing.   Its very clear that the NSA and the rest of those government entities  that gather information, have used it very minimally for national  security while the bulk of their activity engaged in political extortion here at home.

Snowden became an instant hero for being the insider who was able to  confirm what we all already knew.   If that was all there was to it, and if our Republic actually does survive these next few years, history  would be very kind to Mr. Snowden.

But alas, there appears to be more. Much more.

No one who has paid even a modicum of attention to world affairs during  the past decades could fail to understand that the beacon of freedom and the desire of the world’s people to be free is formulated on and  dependent upon, America.  And its true, sadly, that in our fervor to  maintain freedom here at home and to extend that liberty to others, our  leaders have stepped over the line from time to time.

Having said that, its also no secret that there are many forces of evil  which proliferate around the world.  These evils differ slightly in  context and organization but all are consistent in their desire to  destroy America, her power, her reach and her ability to hold despots  accountable.

Before we return to Mr. Snowden, it is important our readers understand, if they don’t already, the dangerous world in which we live as a result of modern cyber technology.  TPATH has had conversations with people to whom our national security is entrusted relating to this area.  These  people, especially during the past several years have expressed  frustration beyond belief that our government refuses to take  retributive action against government sponsored attacks facing our  military and financial  systems.

Hundreds of times a week, China and Russia, sometimes by proxy and  others openly and blatantly, hack into our government computer  systems.   Our response is to thwart them when we find them and continue to monitor and detect new attacks.  Never is there retaliation.

So why should we be concerned if Communist governments or Islamic  Jihadists get access to our systems?  Many reasons, but the most  dangerous is if they get control of any Military systems or satellites  without our knowledge, any future confrontation with those governments  could be not only disastrous for American lives and equipment, but would put America’s friends around the world in peril.  South Korea, Taiwan,  Japan, Israel and others could be left unprotected long enough to have  them overrun and defeated.

Its also not unknown to many the danger of an atomic explosion high in  the atmosphere which could put America in the dark for decades.  This  technology, while extensive, has already been acquired by Iran, North  Korea and of course in much greater ability, China and Russia.  All that is needed to implement one or more of these EMF’s would be to get one  or more nuclear bomb laden rockets into low orbit and then detonated  over our continent.

Returning now to Mr. Snowden.  If he had stopped at the revelation, most of which we knew, that scoundrels in our government were using  technology to spy on and extort political opponents, he would not have  been able to be accused of subverting his country, the Constitution or  even the oath he swore.

If he had of confined his revelations to those Domestic crimes he most  likely would not have had to even leave the country.   His supporters  would be far and wide.  He would be a hero whistle blower.

But….He did not stop there.

He went on, its reported, to inform our enemies that we have been  working to protect our systems, our country and our lives, by employing  the same tactics on them that they have been relentlessly doing to us.   That we have actually had the nerve to try to hack into their systems  to see what it is they were doing to ours and what they intended to do  with the information and technology they were gathering from us.

If it has gone even further than that, to the extent that the methods  and means we use, have been disclosed, that would be a very, very bad  thing.

Again, its entirely too soon to place the final vignette on his  character or intent.  But its not too early to see his actions may be  more aligned with Communism than Capitalism.  If in fact, as has been  reported, he has given our enemies information on how and what we are  doing to keep track of them and thereby thwarting our ability to protect or circumvent malicious intent, his status as a hero whistle blower  would be immediately reclassified to traitor.

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