Eric Holder Condemning Black Students To Failing Schools

Photo Credit: European Parliament Creative Commons

In the name of diversity, the modern left will stoop to almost any level to achieve its goal. A number of prominent Republicans are accusing Attorney General Eric Holder of curtailing the educational potential of black youth in Louisiana based on his desire to impose racial quotas.

About two dozen senators signed a letter demanding an explanation for the Department of Justice’s decision to force at least 570 students to stay in underperforming schools despite the fact they received scholarships to relocate to better facilities.

One of the Republican senators named in the letter, Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey, said Holder’s decision to “block any child from obtaining a good education is bad enough,” adding “doing so based solely on the children’s race is inexcusable.”

Hundreds of kids were told they could escape their failing schools following Hurricane Katrina, he explained. Nine out of every 10 students given a scholarship were minorities.

Since then, however, the Justice Department ruled that many of the black students told they could transfer must remain in their current school to maintain racial quotas.

According to the senators’ letter, if the area’s racial makeup were different, students would not be held hostage in substandard schools.

“These children are not statistics,” the letter states, requesting a response from Holder by Nov. 6.

For all their posturing on the issue of racial equality, it is clear progressives care only about the perception of such ideals as evidenced by a minority’s representation in any given community. Conservatives, on the other hand, want to foster success for everyone — regardless of race.

Unfortunately, the left’s lip service regarding race has been so distorted that many Americans identify it as genuine concern. That perception is now showing deep cracks, however, as evidenced in the senators’ pointed letter.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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Photo Credit: European Parliament Creative Commons


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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    You must realize that Holder and the dems have to keep the black students stupid so they can control them otherwise if you educate them they could grow up to be like Ben Carson,Thomas Sowell,Herman Caine or other eucated colored Americans.Holder needs the dummies.

  2. Conservative says:

    How do you enslave a population? Exactly like the democrats have done to blacks. Shell our a pittance so they can live, but not too well. Provide housing but don't require them to maintain it. Pay them to have babies but not be responsible for them. Let the fathers go on to the next babymomma and make him feel like a man when he does. It's what a black man does and it's what black women expect. Give them drugs and then encourage them to market them to their own. Fuel their lack of responsibility by making excuses and blame their self caused plight on whites, or rich people and of course make sure liberals educate them so then never really gain self confidence or learn what is needed to succeed in life. And then hold the racial pimps who make money too by not allowing too many to succeed in the world and defend their actions when they fail or commit crimes or they turn their cities into cesspools of crime and garbage. The Democrats have succeeded, risen to the heights of the Clintons and Obamas off the backs of blacks and it's all worked. The majority of blacks still haven't gotten it. They still don't realize they have lost the battle.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Conservative your right about housing especially you build them nice apartment houses where people who work for living wouldn't mind living in and with in a 2 years period they turn them into slums and drug places. I by accident got off on a ramp in Atlanta and drove through a ghetto and there was an apartment house that didn't look bad from the front but when you looked in the back all there was, was piles of garbage and furniture thrown I guess you blame the white people for not going there to clean up after these drug addict slobs.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Whenever there is a legal matter that makes no sense, Holdme is there!

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