Eric Holder Belongs In Orange Jumpsuit

Eric Holder 10 SC 300x199 Eric Holder Belongs In Orange Jumpsuit

Eric Holder’s part in Fast and Furious and its cover up constitute serious felonious conduct. Any street cop in America can look at what his man did and recognize the numerous felonies he committed in this very ugly display of treachery. Nevertheless, Eric Holder was involved in a much greater crime, one that official Washington of both Parties has yet to find enough courage to even mention, let alone investigate it. There is clear and incontrovertible evidence that Holder was involved in covering up the Clinton Administration’s part in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

The Clinton Administration’s “story” actually started to unravel even before the sunset on April 19, 1995, the day a homemade bomb brought down the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City murdering 168 women men and children. But it is hard to find that fact in the mainstream media.

An investigation into the jailhouse death of a man named Kenny Trentadue by his brother Jesse an attorney led to Jesse bringing a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

All Jesse Trentadue wanted was answers about how his brother died and nothing more. Trentadue was not on a political crusade. He had no idea the strange pieces of information he was able to pry out of the Federal Government using Freedom of Information requests would take him from Oklahoma City to the office of Assistant United States Attorney Eric Holder in Washington. In the “discovery” phase of his successful wrongful death suit against the Clinton Federal Bureau of Prisons, Trentadue came upon the fact that Eric Holder had been sent from Washington to Oklahoma City to “manage” the investigation surrounding Trantadue’s death. That is clear and not contradicted by any available evidence, but why did Eric Holder assume that responsibility?

Jesse Trentadue’s lawsuit proved the Clinton FBI, Department of Justice and CIA were behind (NOT involved in or mixed up in, but BEHIND) the Oklahoma City bombing and that Bill Clinton KNEW he needed his most reliable “cleaner” to smother the story a supine media was only too happy to ignore.

The conspirators needed to eliminate “loose ends” so they murdered Kenny Trentadue. They didn’t realize Kenny Trentadue an innocent man who looked like the man they were looking for and was NOT part of the conspiracy. The same FBI that botched Ruby Ridge and Waco murdered the wrong man. When investigating his brother’s death Jesse Trentadue discovered that the puppet master of the cover up of his brother’s death was Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s Attorney General. He also discovered much more about the Oklahoma City bombing and who planned it.

Keep this in mind as this week’s events unfold in the House investigation of Eric Holder’s part in Fast and Furious continues. See the many attached links and decide for yourself about Holder. Is Fast and Furious or Oklahoma City Eric Holder’s worst crime?

Photo Credit: The Aspen Institute (Creative Commons)

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  1. rocquedog says:

    Does anybody know some wannabe Lee Harvey Oswald??? If so, tell him that he needs to get busy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, orange would be his best color, wouldn't it? Make it bright orange!

  3. Holder should be hanged by the neck.

  4. yes he does. But would obummer pardon him…………… probably.

  5. i still like the idea of sending him to the AZ Tent City prison…………………

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Thanks a lot. You just put the vision of Holder sitting in a tent with pink underwear.
      I may be mentally scarred for life…

  6. Holder is a spineless, Black Chicago Crook!!!!

  7. Well thank you Jesus for someone at last exposing this seemingly serial killer Holder… likewise Clinton and Barack Obama…Become a president of USA and become a serial killer legimately..

    It needs broadcast from th rooftops about Holder's involvment in the Oklahoma City bombing..HE needs to be imprisoned and/or worse…

  8. I disagree with you completely. Eric Holder does NOT belong in an orange jump suit. He needs to be strung up from a tree at the end of a new rope.

    • After a fair trial of course. The same with his boss.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Noah do you think maybe a firing squad with the guns sold in Fast & Furious would be better.Where would they have a sign up sheet to be on the squad.

  9. Disgusted says:

    I too, would love, love love to see Holder strung up on the tallest tree we could find, and watch him die, just like those people in Oklahoma died! But I would really like to know more of this Clinton conspiricy and the Oklahoma bombing, and why it was planned……….how it happened, and what brought it on. Why would any American President want to bomb our country’s building(s)? What on earth kind of evil was this? I have read about this, but what is the whole story……not that I expect to get the truth, or even half the truth! But it is a serious thing, this bombing, why it was done, and what Holder had to do with it, not to even mention Clinton…….I knew he had trouble keeping his pants zipped, and he had less morals than an alley cat, but geez, that he was this wicked and murderous?! What IS the story? Will we ever know? This is one hell of a mystery! One that needs to be solved, and told to us, since we have every right to know why a President would do such a thing? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • roymcdade says:

      The FBI and the CIA have been in control of our govt since the mid-fifties, With Castro, the CIA was plotting to BLOW UP US CITIES and blame it on Castro. How about the US Naval ship Liberty. ISREAL ATTACKED the Liberty with metal-piercing aircraft bullets for SIX (6) HOURS, until she sank. Our Navy had another ship NOT EVEN 10 MINUTES AWAY, but was told by the commander to " Stand Down ". ALL THIS IS 100% FACT. So it is NOT hard to believe this govt will sacrifice its Citizens (false-flag) to create a false situation and justifying attacking another country…..

      • Disgusted says:

        I don’t know if any of you ever watched a show called “Jericho”, but in this two season show, the plot was that our own government had nuked our cities, and blamed it on everyone else, China, North Korea and others, such as Saudi Arabia, and the middle eastern enemies…that is, when information could be gotten through those who had lived through the bombings, and total destruction of everything. I wondered at the time, how long this show would last, given the government and it’s fear of us knowing just how devious they really are. Because the show really SHOWED them up in a bad light. So, it was cancelled………….of course it was. But it was serious food for thought at the time, and still is. I imagine one can get it somewhere online. It is worth watching to be sure. And, no Roymcdade, I do not doubt for one second the evil our so called “government” is capable of, and I do not doubt at all, that they were indeed involved in the Oklahoma bombing. What surprised me though, was that Clinton was involved in some way! I knew, as I said, that he is Moral Free, but I would not have thought he was purely evil, evil enough to outright murder 168 people in our own country! For, that is truly EVIL! For Holder to have a hand in this, that is not a surprise at all, he is just as evil as they come, like his current boss, pure Evil. But, I really would love, seriously LOVE to know, WHY this was done, and what was the goal of these MURDERS BY OUR OWN FBI, CIA, AND OTHERS WHO WERE INVOLVED? WHY MURDER THOSE INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO DID NOTHING TO DESERVE BEING MURDERED???? Other than Timothy McVeigh, and Terry Nichols, who did they want to blame for this, to FRAME? What country, and what enemy were the true culprits of this blame, these murders? I wish someone would write a book on this, and actually live to see it published. Would they also be murdered? Probably. So Roy, what kind of evil have we got in Washington, and when are we going to put an end to their evil works and murders? It will be, it will HAVE to be we, the people who stop this, for no one else is going to, certianly not our “lawmakers”. They are as filthy as the ones who make the “laws”, and break them, while we are supposed to obey these outrageous oppressions! Or are we going to sit on our collectives rearends, and say “there is nothing we can do”, or are we going to do what must be done to save ourselves, and our country? This is truly the most frightening thing ever in our nation, this willingness to murder our own citizens, in a grasp for even more power over the lot of us, who pay taxes to actually PAY FOR THESE EVIL DEEDS!!!!

        • roymcdade says:

          Thanks " Disgusted ' for the acknowledgement. Don't get this old man started on the EVIL these last four presidents…. goes back even further. Try finding the book, NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON, it will shock you….Re: The Clintons, I believe they allegedly have MORE PEOPLE on their murdered list than soetero. But let's not be naiive, this govt and its presidents have brought CORRUPTION to all time NEW HEIGHTS……

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    Holder would look good in an orange jumpsuit along with his boss Oblameo.It would restore the faith back into America.

  11. roymcdade says:


  12. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Oklahoma was the start of the America takeover. The government believed a Federal building in the middle of hometown USA would cause an uprising of the people. It did just that, but not to the point they had expected. McVeigh was caught too fast and he was ready to talk. They couldn't have that. Death to those who would disclose the plan.
    Fast forward 6 years. They have now come up with a fool proof plan that would get everyone in America to back a war against whom ever the government chose. Sort of a new "Pearl Harbor" so to speak.
    Cue 9/11.
    The government might not have been the ones to actually do the dirty work, but their hands sure were dirty. Some of the people weren't buying the lies the government was telling. They began to prepare.
    They had to make these people appear to be "conspiracy theorists". By calling these people "crazy and armed racists", the government now believed they had reasons the people would allow themselves to be unarmed.
    Cue Fast and Furious.
    Now for the finally. The government needs to remove all those willing, able and prepared to fight. They need to recognize and remove them. They need an incident to happen that one group will become passionate about. The death of a typical punk.
    Cue Race Riots.
    Now Martial Law can be initiated.

    What or who has been the common denominator in all of these situations? Eric Holder.

    I will add I believe Holder is a very ignorant man for allowing himself to be used as the "front man" for all these atrocities. The Bildenberg group got what they wanted done, and they have someone to hang.
    It appears as if Holder realizes they had plans of "throwing him under the bus" all along.
    If Holder was a smart man, he wouldn't take the fall alone.

    But then, I'm just a racist conspiracy theorist.

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