Epic: This Gun Manufacturer Just Stared Down Eric Holder And Told Him To Shove It

Photo Credit: Facebook/Remove the Idiot Eric Holder from Office!

While many anti-gun activists have responded to recent tragic shootings by demanding that law-abiding gun owners give up their Second Amendment rights, many in the industry have worked to make guns safer. One such innovator is Kodiak Arms President W.P. Gentry.

The manufacturer spent time and money researching the potential benefits of installing software into firearms allowing them to recognize authorized users before becoming operable. Gentry noted that his company was at the forefront of perfecting such technology just months after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“I then had the biggest development in smart-gun technology coming together at my facility in Utah,” he said, touting a product called “the Intelligun.”

He explained that the handgun’s grip would be able to identify fingerprints and, within one second, recognize whether the holder was authorized to use the firearm or not. When Attorney General Eric Holder met with multiple gun manufacturers in April 2013, Gentry said he was invited to discuss his innovation.

“This interested Eric Holder,” he recalled. “He wondered how we might be able to control who was or wasn’t authorized.”

Immediately, Gentry realized the host was proposing something antithetical to the motivation behind his research.

“I stopped him right there,” he said. “I looked right across the table at Eric Holder – yeah, the attorney general of the United States – and told him, ‘If you try to mandate my smart-gun technology, I’ll burn it down.’”

Gentry explained that it was clear he and Holder had opposing views regarding how to make guns safer.

“The Intelligun is designed to save lives,” he said, “not restrict freedom.”

Holder’s interest in restricting users by utilizing the new technology is just one reason gun rights advocates say that many anti-gun activists want to see the software mandated in all firearms.

New Jersey, for instance, passed a law more than a decade ago requiring that, within three years of smart-gun technology having been introduced in a commercially approved firearm, all guns in the state must contain similar software.

National Shooting Sports Foundation President Larry Keane confirmed that many gun makers “have been reluctant to invest R&D dollars in smart-gun technology because gun-control advocates want to make the technology mandatory. If that happens, new guns will become prohibitively expensive, which is part of what these groups want.”


Photo Credit: Facebook/Remove the Idiot Eric Holder from Office!

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  1. madmemere says:

    Mr. Gentry deserves a Freedom Medal – -not so much for the technology, but for telling the withholder "where to stick it"!

  2. If Holder put his finger in my face like that he would have to have surgery to get it out of his ass.

    • Hi Randel,
      Well said, I was thinking the same thing too about Holder's nasty finger in his face, it would had served him right if this gentleman would had bite it off and shove it up his azz

  3. Holder should have been impeached when held in contempt of congress, he no longer has a wright to an office of trust when he cannot be trusted to do the job he was swearn in to do. Him and the president are not to make laws, or decide which ones they like, they are in office to enforce them.

  4. He should have shot him on the spot. Right in the center of his black forehead.


  6. I'd like to hear the recording. That's what the news media publications will say when behind the scenes I'll be working to make this mandatory.

  7. Don't add computer chips to my gun, just something to go wrong!!!

  8. john robel says:

    James Earl Ray was no worse than holder. pelosi. reid or brobama. (capitals neglected out of disrespect)

  9. Pay Attention says:

    "Smart Gun" technology is a scam to con everyone into believing that they have a weapon that will work for them on demand. What is not being told is there will be a master program that can shut them all off by whoever holds the "key."

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    It's about time someone stood up to that black law breaking piece of shit holder.If there ever was an excuse for a poor human being holder is it.The only thing he is good at is sucking on Obuttholes testicles.Like someone said Gentry should have grabbed that finger and shoved it up his big flat nose

  11. Eric Holder = worthless piece of dog &^$%! jms

  12. This is insane. We have a 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear arms. I'm sick to death of the liberal/progressives perverting that Right. How many times have you had an electronic device stop working or have other glitches for no apparent reason? How would you like to pick up your smart gun in the middle of the night as some degenerate is breaking into your home, only to have the electronics stop working in it, leaving you completely defenseless? I say screw them all. We have some bad stuff coming our way with all that is happening in the world. I refuse to be defenseless.

    • Hi Rallioh,
      You are 100% correct, stick with what you got, these computer junk acts up when you least expected and as you said a person can NOT afford to be defenseless when a criminal is breaking into their home

    • johnwtobin says:

      Good point about a possible electronic malfunction. Electronics are known to screw up. Just one more thing to worry about in a life and death situation.

      Regarding; "We have a 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear arms."
      That is how the anti gunners of the world want people to see it. We DO NOT have a 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear arms.
      We have a Natural, or God given Right to keep and bear arms that is supposed to be PROTECTED by the 2nd Amendmant. Just saying!

  13. Anyone with a brain the size of an oyster could bypass the electrical disconnect and make the transfer bar mechanical and the gun will operate just fine,as easy as hot wiring a car.

  14. That is fantastic WP Gentry! America needs more people like you who are not intimidated by bullies like Holder! Whenever government gets involved with anything they screw it up and sadly this Obama government thinks the people work for them! These pathetic mongrels got it all backwards and need to be humbled. I am no longer a gun owner but believe in freedom, something of which this administration seems hellbent on taking away from its citizens. Good on you to TELL Holder what he can do with it. He needs to be reminded that respect is a TWO WAY street so until he gives respect he and this administration will not get any respect nor will we listen to them.

  15. We are about to witness the most important election America is ever to have,vote 2014,but I caution you to know who or what you are voting for.Do not vote us into tyranny!If you don't get this one right you may not have to worry about voting again!

  16. Impeachment is TOO SLOW and in a Fascist Gang of Washington will postpone it until hell freezes over.

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