Epic: These Bikers Are Converging On Mexico As We Speak To Save Our Marine

While Barack Obama put in overtime to free five dangerous terrorists in exchange for the return of a man described as an Army deserter, another American – Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi – remained locked up in a Mexican jail.

He was arrested in March after he reportedly took a wrong turn and ended up on the other side of the border with three registered guns in his car. Since then, the soldier has faced a number of setbacks, including a report Friday that a lawyer hired to plead his case is no longer representing him.

A group of bikers, however, have pledged to do whatever they can to bring the Marine back home. Organizers rallied a number of bikers to take part in a mission that will take them to Mexico.

The ride kicked off in Shiner, Texas, according to an interview with organizer John Harrington. While he said he isn’t sure what he and the other bikers will do when they arrive in Mexico, he insisted it will be more than what the federal government has done.

Harrington scoffed at Obama’s contention that he will leave no American soldier behind.

“He doesn’t leave traitors behind,” the biker stated. “He left four behind in Benghazi. He’s leaving our man behind here.”

As a display of support for Tahmooressi, Harrington said he was “willing for it to just be me holding a sign,” though he said any attempt to release the Marine will be more effective as the number of participants increases.

“I know that if you go with me, now I’ve increased my effectiveness by 100 percent,” he noted, once again explaining that he is unsure what the plan of action will be on the other side of the border.

“If I turn around and see 300,000 people behind me,” he concluded, “I might just go get him.”

Illegal immigrants continue to cross our border in increasing numbers; and as Harrington noted, Mexican soldiers often make their way into the U.S. — intentionally or not — as well. While America treats these uninvited guests with kid gloves, a military hero who took a wrong turn now relies on patriots like these bikers to ensure he is reunited with his friends and family back home.

Photo credit: son of jadedtom (Flickr)

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  1. America had better wake up or they will be waking up in servitude rather than solitude. This muslim president does not have the best interests of our nation in mind.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Someone should do something to free our marine .You know that F–king ni$$er president isn't going to lift a finger and you don't hear many asshole congress people willing to do anything Lurch The Viet Nam coward Kerry isn't doing anything to help Tahmooressi.I'll bet Lurch would help Traitor Jane out if a bunch of Viet Cong penquins captured her.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    We should setup a gas allowance, so the bikers can keep traffic on the Mexican border to a stand still. And the “bridges to impeach obama” crowd should have 2 sign on all the bridges, the second one being “illegals stay home”

  4. kavin carter says:

    I’m a bike rider from Missouri and I would be more than willing to ride down there for this cause. Just need to know where and when anytime.

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