EPA ‘Contest’ Designed To Turn Kids Into Climate Change Zombies


The Environmental Protection Agency has a long and insulting history of imposing draconian regulations designed to battle a global warming problem that science has yet to prove actually exists. Continuing the tradition of leftist regimes throughout history, the next logical step includes indoctrinating the next generation with political propaganda.

That process is already under way within public school classrooms across the nation. To further drive home its extremist agenda, however, the EPA is teaming up with the National Environmental Education Foundation to sponsor a contest aimed at kids between the ages of 11 and 14.

To be considered for one of three eco-friendly prizes, students must create a short video answering such questions as “How are you reducing carbon pollution or preparing for the impacts of climate change?”

Naturally, there is no room for those who remain skeptical of the unproven science behind man-caused global warming. Instead, a list of “facts” is included by the NEEF, which participants are encouraged to learn prior to engaging in the contest.

Among these ostensible truths are the assertions that the “signs of climate change are all around us” and that “[r]educing carbon pollution … is key to solving climate change and reducing the risks we face in the future.”

What the EPA portrays as a vital set of inarguable facts strikes many Americans as unabashed brainwashing. The “Climate Change in Focus” campaign is explicitly open to just one interpretation of meteorological events. The NEEF assures children that the “climate you will inherit as adults will be different from your parents’ and grandparents’ climate.”

While that might actually be true, climates have changed throughout the earth’s history – even, shockingly, before the advent of carbon-emitting machinery. There is no room for dissention in the federal agency’s campaign, though.

The contest’s winners will take home environmentalist-approved prizes like a backpack with a solar panel attached. These keepsakes will be constant reminders that existing legitimate energy sources are theoretically destroying the planet.

Our federal government recognizes the surest way to create a generation of malleable citizens involves bypassing parents and directly appealing to children. This tactic has been used by corrupt regimes throughout history and, unfortunately, frequently shows signs of success within today’s America.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I can't wait for a republican president to come in and shut the EPA down they are communist organization and should be shut down.They are in the Obutthole pocket similar to John Roberts of the Supreme Court,all they do is Obughole bidding when congress won't go along with his draconian schemes.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    The winning kid would show a video of nuking every country in the world that pollutes more than us, and only then can we save the planet, because it doesn’t matter what we do if all the other nations, especially China and India, pollute more than we do!!!
    This all boils down to taxing carbon exhaling idiots!

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