Environmentalists Cause Me to Wear Dirty Clothes (Just Like They Do)

Tom Purcell, FloydReports.com

I need to buy a new washing machine. I guess I’m out of luck.

I refer to a fascinating article written by Mark Thornton for Mises Daily, part of the Ludwig von Mises Institute website (mises.org).

Thanks to the government, you see, washing machines aren’t what they used to be — and they’re getting worse.

It wasn’t long ago — prior to World War II — that folks washed their clothes by hand or used clunky hand-cranked machines.

During the postwar consumerization boom, labor-intensive clothes washing was made easy by automatic electric machines.

In 1956, Wisk, the first liquid laundry detergent, offered a vast improvement over the soaps Americans had been using to clean their clothes.

Competition among detergent and washing-machine makers continually improved the quality of both.

To be sure, clothes washing had become so easy and effective, even clumsy oafs such as I could do it with little effort.

But our government is unwittingly reversing our washday advances.

Thornton cites a 1996 Consumer Reports test of 18 washing-machine models. Thirteen were rated excellent, five as very good.

In fact, any decent detergent and any machine would get your clothes nice and clean back then.

In 2007, Consumer Reports tested 21 models. Not one of them was rated excellent. Seven were rated as poor, the rest as mediocre.

What’s worse: Consumer Reports found that in most cases, the clothes were as dirty after washing as they were before!

True, some high-end front-loading machines fared slightly better, but they are much more expensive and, the report found, have issues with mold.

Why are newer models so much less effective than 1996 models? The answer is….

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  1. There was another article about this and the government also messed with the laundry detergent by taking phosphate out of detergents. This was in Town Hall and suggest adding TSP to your detergent. It does work. The epa decided there was too much prosphrate in the water and it was easier to make the public do without than do their job. The gov made the manufactures remove it. You can get this at Lowe's or Ace Hw Tri-Sodium Phosphate in the paint section made by dap and 1/4 tsp per load can make your laundry clean like detergent use to. Some people use white vinegar. More proof our gov is not there for us.

  2. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Maybe we better go back to the days of the scrubbing board and clothes lines. Or, we could update a bit, and use the old wringer washers that my mother used when I was a child. I used one once, and it was a bit of work, but my clothes came out nice and clean, and hanging them out on a line gave them that nice fresh smell that only CLEAN air gives clothes. Doing the laundry these days has gotten expensive, way too expensive as the washers get bigger, more technical and more expensive as time passes. Then we have the enviornmental dudes and dudettes telling us how bad our detergent is for the ground water. I have to say, everywhere I look, something is truly bad for us. Driving along, seeing the smoke coming from the trucks and 18 wheelers gives me a lot of pause for thought. What ISN”T bad for us anymore? Maybe the sun bursts, and rays from the sun will hit and we’ll all have to go back to life without electricity…….and then we can “heal” the planet. Not gonna happen, we have wars to take care of that little problem. We’ll kill each other before this earth gets healed by humans! I have no faith in mankind anymore, and really no hope that any human is going to get wiser, or smarter, smart enough to dig ourselves out of this hole we are digging for ourselves. The weather has gone crazy, the heat is almost intolerable, the disasters only keep coming, making me wonder “what’s next”? So, live each day as best as we can, and do our best, and hope for the best, as if that’s gonna happen. Yes, I sound awful, depressing, but how else can I feel when people have lost their minds, and death and destruction is all we see on tv, and things don’t get better, they only get worse, from our “leaders” right on down the chain! It will take all of us to really and truly CARE about ourselves and our planet in order to save ourselves, but my opinion is that we won’t. People are simply too stupid and selfish to even try!!!

  3. That was not good to take Phosphate out of detergents. It really hurt the laundry detergent. I am thankful to you for raising this point. Thanks and keep sharing your information.

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