Enrollment Numbers Embarrassingly Low


Given the constant setbacks and missteps that plagued the ObamaCare roll out last month, few expected a rosy report when initial enrollment numbers were released.

According to a Health and Human Services report Wednesday, however, actual results did not even meet the truncated expectations of most Americans.

Of just over 100,000 total enrollees, less than 27,000 chose a plan through the disastrous Healthcare.gov website. Almost three times as many signed up via state exchanges that are available in 15 states.

The low turnout represents about 20 percent of the goal set by the Obama administration for the first month of enrollment. Furthermore, many of those counted in the tally have not technically purchased a plan.

The administration is counting anyone who picked a policy, whether or not a payment has been made. This approach is akin to an online retailer counting items visitors put in their virtual shopping carts as retail sales.

Dishonesty is a trademark of this administration – especially regarding the increasingly unpopular healthcare law. Even using a misleading equation to artificially inflate the results, however, this HHS report is disastrous news for ObamaCare supporters.

The website unveiled almost two months ago still shows few signs of improvement, meaning that enrollment will be similarly curtailed throughout the foreseeable future. Without adequate enrollment numbers, this behemoth piece of legislation will collapse under its own weight.

Millions of Americans have learned that their preferred insurance policy has been unceremoniously cancelled and, thanks to the ineptitude of this administration, they cannot even find a replacement plan.

Despite the best efforts of conservative leaders across the U.S., the principled message against socialized medicine largely fell on deaf ears. Fittingly, the law’s utter failure has delivered that message more clearly than any talking head ever could.

–B. Christopher Agee

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