Enough Already: Reid’s Latest Koch Rant Was Completely Out Of Bounds

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s disdain for billionaire Republican donors Charles and David Koch has been well documented by Western Journalism and many other media outlets. He has subjected audiences – even from the Senate floor – to disjointed soliloquies regarding the brothers and their alleged intention to buy the American political system. He has been noticeably silent, however, when it comes to huge donations by George Soros and other wealthy Democrat benefactors.

Reid’s latest Senate tirade took the Koch invective to a new level. Addressing his fellow senators Thursday, he alleged the brothers are leading a cult under the guise of hosting events including a recent conference in California.

He called the conference “deceptively titled,” suggesting an ostensibly limited engagement “turned into a multiple-day event.”

Lamenting his inability to force attendees to divulge what was discussed in the private conference, Reid was apparently left to assume whatever occurred was inherently malevolent.

“Attendees were sworn to secrecy,” he asserted. “High levels of security, concealment, an oath of silence – that doesn’t sound anything like a typical conference. It sounds more like a cult.”

Reid bemoaned the fact that two senators he said attended the event were not responding to his demands, complaining that “details have not been forthcoming.”

He was sure to differentiate the Koch brothers from pseudo-religious cult leaders, noting the duo leads a “cult of money, influence, and self-serving politics.”

In an effort to make sure there is no misunderstanding his accusation, he concluded: “This is the cult of Koch – and I’m referring to the Koch brothers.”

The outrageous allegations elicited plenty of ridicule from Reid’s numerous social media detractors:

View his remarks in their entirety below:

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