Empty Attacks On The NRA Prove Media Believe Their Own Lies About Guns

NRA 2 SC Empty attacks on the NRA prove media believe their own lies about guns

When National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” the collective gasp from the media must have been heard for miles.

These pitifully ignorant people don’t understand research and certainly have no intellectual curiosity. They went ballistic when confronted with the fact that they had to share responsibility for promoting a culture of violence and failing to honestly report the true damage Hollywood’s movies and rap music and “revolving door justice” have done especially to young people.

The media savaged LaPierre but overlooked Code Pink when they interrupted him carrying signs saying, “NRA KILLING OUR KIDS,” and screaming that the gun rights group has “blood on its hands.” They believe Code Pink because it makes them feel good about themselves.

A nitwit named Hugo Schwyzer has told the media Adam Lanza killed 20 children and 6 adults to play his “man card” and the media believe that because they don’t want to look at the facts LaPierre has shoved under their noses.

They believe Piers Morgan when he tweeted “Coming to a town near you, courtesy of the NRA – Gunfights at the US school corral.” This shameless self-promoter is a man whose own country suffered the slaughter of 16 children in a grade school because there was no good guy with a gun to stop the animal who was shooting them. They believed him because they are as stupid and shameless as he is.

They mock LaPierre’s facts and believe an empty-headed moron like Arianna Huffington when she accuses The NRA of wanting an “armed insurrection against the U.S. government…” because that is easier than facing their own complicity in the violent culture they promote and worship.

Perhaps the biggest lie the media is swallowing is their own insistence that the American people are with them in blaming these horrific crimes on guns, the NRA, Ronald Reagan, George Bush or whoever they want to blame rather than the mentally ill killers who commit them.

A new Gallup survey shows 53% of Americans believe putting police officers in schools is the best way to stop these crimes and 42% believe banning assault guns is the answer. Another 36% believes such bans would have no effect at all.

HunT Trader (Creative Commons)

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  1. The Blue Collar Man says:

    Short term, either allow selected Teachers to CCW, and/or Armed Guards.
    Even Poison obumbler's own daughter attends a school that has 11 Armed Guards, and not just because the girl attends there, the school is run that way.
    Of course, no doubt her personal Secret Service detail is also there.

    Long term, we have to revamp our education system. Children are not taught anything to prepare them for adult life, but do learn revisionist History, nothing about who we are, and how we got to this point in History.
    They learn alternate life styles, same sex "marriage", are all well and good, and anti-Religion, except, now (I) islam is glorified.
    They have no discipline in school, or at home, and are bought off by parents who are themselves, the result of liberal upbringing.

    Two generations have been destroyed, by the above liberal life style, and now are at the point they don't know who, or what, they are.

    • The Blue Collar Man says:

      I remember when breast feeding well into the walking/talking age became "normal". Strictly no touch discipline, time outs, and reasoning with 2 year olds was the rage. No school discipline allowed.
      Then, somehow, it was teachers were afraid to hurt the feelings of their students, and parents could have the Police summoned, by THE CHILD, if they attempted punishment. Troublemakers got free passes, even when breaking laws.
      Screaming little brats that would ruin your day, with public temper tantrums, and running wild like animals in storesrestaurantsts, or anywhere. They grew up to be worthless, as parents.

      • The Blue Collar Man says:

        With no parenting skills, they raised horrible examples of disconnected children, with no "grounding", unable to function in society.
        Many so "electronically" connected, that they dropped out of life, and many spend huge amounts time playing video games, the type to horrify anyone over 50 years old.

        I hate to sound "old", but society has evolved into a cess pool, and things can't get better, unless we can change society "back", to something where kids can learn to be adults, and parents.

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