Employee Fired For Heroic Act

AutoZone SC Employee fired for heroic act

Photo Credit: RetailByRyan95

Many wonder how they might react in the face of crisis but few are able to prove their courage under fire as effectively as one AutoZone employee recently did.

Just before closing, an armed robber burst into the retailer and forced the worker — a U.S. Air Force veteran — into a back office with his manager.

After the gunman and store manager left to open the safe, this brave employee escaped through a side door to retrieve a handgun from his vehicle.

He returned and demanded the robber drop his weapon, at which point the timid criminal took off on foot.

“I watched him run down the street,” the employee said. “I came back inside and made sure my manager was OK and he called the police.”

If I owned this company, this employee would have been instantly promoted and his heroism celebrated at a corporate level. Instead, AutoZone claimed the young man and father-to-be violated the company’s gun policy and fired him — two days before Thanksgiving.

AutoZone won’t comment on the matter but the employee certainly will.

“I did the right thing,” he said. “I saved the company $2,000. I saved one of the manager’s lives. And you’re letting me go? It was a slap in the face.”

Local law enforcement even considers the employee’s actions heroic.

“He put himself in jeopardy in an attempt to make sure his friend was safe,” said the county sheriff. “He did a very brave thing.”

The employee said his instinct took him to military training, not the training he received as an AutoZone worker.

“Never leave a man behind,” he said, explaining his first thought upon seeing the gunman was “I want to make it home to see my family. I want to have the opportunity to meet my son and for my son to meet his dad.”

Needless to say, the controversy has led to criticism of the company’s policy and decision by many who support gun rights.

The same sheriff who praised the employee’s actions had harsher words for the message sent by AutoZone.

“The company has now sent a message to every would-be robber out there: ‘Hey, we’re open for business and unarmed. Come on in and take our money,’” he said.

An NRA spokesperson also criticized the decision, even if the worker technically violated corporate policy.

“He came to the aid of a fellow employee threatened by an armed robber and was canned,” the spokesperson said. “They should have named him employee of the year.”

Many in support of the employee have started an online petition to rehire him, though I hope he’s able to find a much more rewarding position to replace his previous position.

The gall of gun control nuts is truly limitless. To believe a potential double-murder scene is preferable to a quick-thinking, prepared employee retrieving a gun from his vehicle shows a thought process at odds with reality.

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  1. Sadly in today's pc leftist world this is believable. Good has become evil and evil has become good. People boycot chick fillet yet those same idiots will be ok with this. I hope a competing store will hire him right away!

  2. Paul Wiesner says:

    Well Auto Zone! I think my business is likely to go to Pep Boys and O'reilly now. I liked your store but obviously you have idiots running the place, and I would prefer to shop where sanity prevails.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      I stopped going to Auto Zone when I found out you had to be bilingual to work there. At least in all the stores around my area.
      They sold out and no longer get my business. I've been using O'Reilly's or Rock Auto Parts online who usually has everything I've ever needed, and at a cheaper price. Rock Auto still has all parts for all the much older cars too!
      Yep, I'm completely done with Auto Zone.

      • disgusted says:

        Me too, we have one in our town……and we also have O’Rielly’s, so I will go there as usual, as I have done before. O’s is closer, so that was why I went there in the first place, but now, if I had to wait a day for them to open, if closed for any reason, I would wait until they did open. I would bet a lot of people will do the same, all over the country, because the choice of firing this man because HE SAVED A LIFE was in their opinion, more important than saving a life, to hell with Auto Zone. And, while I am at it here, I have never been a big football fan, but with this idiot Bob Costas and his opening his stupid mouth against gun ownership, if I were a fan, I wouldn’t be one now. If the football league supports this hellish agenda of this igger in office, then to hell with them too. When are we going to get sick and tired enough, of all these fools and freaks and their pc bullshit, and sick enough of all the businesses and big names who support this “control” of every aspect of our lives, even when it endangers our lives and our families? When are we going to finally say to them all, ENOUGH OF YOUR SHIT! We have had all we are going to put up with, and you WILL STOP THIS NOW OR FACE AN ANGRY POPULATION WITH ENOUGH WEAPONS TO MAKE YOUR LIVES HELL, INSTEAD OF YOUR MAKING OURS HELL! In fact, if you do not like our guns, our GOD, and our GUTS, you can all head SOUTH, STRAIGHT DOWN AND STRAIGHT TO HELL! Take your politically correct garbage, and go talk to the devil about it. Perhaps he will care, yep, he might care just as much as his “SON” here in Washington DC cares about the American people. It is a for sure fact that we are no longer going to put up with you and your crap, and it is also a fact that you can go to hell! We wish you would. If you don’t like a gun, or don’t want one, that is your decision, maybe you can talk a murderer out of killing you next time. And maybe next time, there will be no one who cares enough to save your useless, and worthless asses! If it were me, I sure wouldn’t bother. Not someone from Auto Zone or the National Football League, at least those who support this fool, Bob Costs a lot!

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          Actually, I refuse to watch a football game if it's not on Fox or available online. I still boycott ESPN for what they did to Bocephus and I refuse to watch any LSM channel. Costas is just a typical brain dead liberal a$$.
          My anger over Auto Zone isn't so much that they fired the guy for defending against a robbery, it's more of their ANTI-GUN stance. If I can't enter with my firearm, I won't enter at all.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Not only Hank but Jimmy the Greek and Rush Limbaugh.ESPN is good at that.Costas as you say is an ass and a big one.We'll let Hank Williams Jr. write a song about that good ole boy Bob.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        I go to Advanced Auto because a former Marine owns it and I did go to Auto zone but now they can shove it

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    They were probably pissed because they were planning to screw the insurance company and this employee f–ked everything up.

  4. I saved money at OReilly's as compared to the AutoZone down the street. I will go to O'Reilly's as much as possible for sure now, and not go back to a Auto Zombies ever again….

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