Employee Fights Back After Concealed Gun Gets Her Fired

While the threat of unprovoked violence unfortunately lurks in every corner of our nation, there are some areas in which the risk is higher. For one woman working at a Florida bank, the ever-present threat of an armed robbery made her workplace such a destination.

As a result, the licensed concealed firearm carrier brought her handgun to work with her daily in an effort to protect herself from the potential danger she could encounter at any time.

All was well for Ivette Ros until an intrusive onlooker noticed the weapon and ran to tell the executives of the Wells Fargo branch. The woman was subsequently fired based on her apparent violation of the company’s rules.

Ros, however, is not simply accepting the decision. She has obtained legal counsel in an attempt to defend herself against what she claims is an unconstitutional dismissal.

“I am within my constitutional right,” she said, according to a Tampa Tribune report. “The bank is one of the places that I am able to carry a weapon to. My weapon was concealed. I have a certified license.”

According to attorney Noel Flasterstein, the company “can’t discriminate against their employees nor can they discriminate against their customers” provided they are “law-abiding, licensed concealed weapons permit owners.”

He said a passage in an employee manual “doesn’t mean it is correct or it will withstand a legal scrutiny or a legal investigation, which is what we’re doing in this case.”

Of course, Wells Fargo contends employees are “strictly prohibited” from carrying guns per the institution’s corporate policy. Local reports, however, indicate the bank does provide certain exceptions to this internal rule.

Nevertheless, Ros’ lawsuit could result in clarification regarding exactly how much liberty licensed gun owners have in carrying their weapons. Fortunately for gun rights activists, the tide seems to be shifting in favor of the Second Amendment.

While her vindication is far from guaranteed, this employee’s battle is just further proof that Americans across the nation remain dedicated to preserving their constitutional rights.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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