Ellen DeGeneres Faces Wrath Of Transgender Community

The fact that leftist organizations have no sense of humor regarding any comments made by conservatives is hardly a shocking revelation. Increasingly, however, those once heralded as heroes of the progressive movement are coming under fire by these extremists.

One recent example of this phenomenon came in response to Sunday night’s Oscar ceremony. Despite high ratings and a generally well-received performance by host Ellen DeGeneres, advocates for the transgender community focused on one joke in particular through which they castigated the lesbian entertainer as “transphobic.”

Venerable actress Liza Minnelli, an icon among many American cross-dressers, was in the audience, prompting the criticized joke by DeGeneres. The job of an Oscar host, after all, is to provide a healthy dose of humor during the lengthy awards program.

“Hello to the best Liza Minnelli impersonator I’ve ever seen,” she said. “Good job, sir.”

Director Bruce LaBruce led the charge against her with a Twitter response calling the joke “transphobic and disrespectful.”



Other social media responses included similarly odd charges, including the assertion that DeGeneres is a “transmisogynist.”

It is becoming more and more difficult in America’s current social climate to keep track of the countless ways traditional – and even not-so-traditional – citizens can ostensibly offend entire communities. Of course, the backlash against DeGeneres is nothing new. In fact, transgender activists were similarly incensed that actor Jared Leto dared to address the growing unrest in the Ukraine during his acceptance speech instead of paying homage to the supposed plight of the gender confused.

Comedian Lizz Winstead said during an MSNBC interview that the actor should have voiced support for “an invisible community that needs an advocate,” adding that “the trans community is there.”

Host Ronan Farrow apparently agreed, calling the omission a “missed opportunity.”

In recent weeks, a number of other leftist celebrities – including Piers Morgan and Katie Couric – have come under fire for offending the transgender population. While blatant discrimination is and should be discouraged in our nation, the fact is that certain communities do their own cause a disservice by crying foul whenever someone offers an opinion with which they disagree.

The individuals listed in this article have each been outspoken advocates for transgender people; however, their respective pasts were effectively dismissed upon making a comment or joke that did not fall perfectly in line with the group’s approved talking points.

Betraying supporters, whether based on oversensitivity or a desire to be identified as a downtrodden minority, only makes one’s cause more unappealing to other potential supporters.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: © Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com (WikimediaCommons)

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