Elizabeth Warren Claims Success Of America Is Due To Government Regulation

Elizabeth Warren SC Elizabeth Warren Claims Success Of America Is Due To Government Regulation

Washington, D.C. is filled with stupid people. From the people we elect to the people who are there trying to get something from the people we elect. But I have to give this Stupidest Politician Award to Elizabeth Warren. Yes, I gave it to the supposed part Native American for a good reason. Earlier this fair weekend, she said “The government not only has a right to regulate the American people, but regulation is really the key to the country’s success,”. Just to recap, she means that when the government releases more regulations, more people become successful.

Now we examine that. When do businesses benefit from more government regulation? You tell me, cause I’ve yet to hear of such. Only the people that push for these kind of regulations come up with it. When government regulators come up with more and more regulations, your freedoms and liberties are shrunk. Not expanded. If you truly think that some government regulation will not restrict your freedoms in any way, then you honestly have never paid attention to reality. Think about this; a 13 year old has his little hot dog stand shut down due to a zoning violation. In Santa Monica, your not even allowed to smoke in your apartment or condo. And of course, if you or a child you know runs a small little lemonade stand, you could be shut done for not having the correct permits. What’s wrong with a small little lemonade stand? What’s wrong with a kid wanting to help those exhausted warm people walking down the street on a hot summer day? You tell me, because once again, I still find no wrong.

Please, tell me why American Business owners owe their success to the government, which forces them to buy certain things or build stuff via a certain process, which costs them more money. Government regulations make it harder to innovate, to make things easier to use, to modernize, and to grow. You can’t make a product faster when the government tells you you have to build this or that the way they say, and you can’t change any part of it. Government regulations harm people. They harm businesses, and they only make it harder to improve the economy which isn’t going to get better with more regulations.

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  1. Gary Evans says:

    Elizabeth Warren is a pin headed idiot of the highest order of beelzebub. Her "Native American claim of tribal blood line is not only an embarrassment to Native Human Beings it should be an embarrassment to whites as well. Has anyone checked her mental status lately? If they did it would probably read mentally ill in capital letters. Good gosh oh mighty how did anyone lof her low brow caliber ever get elected? Oh that's right her constituents without doubt must fall into the low information mental moron caliber of voter. What a joke this liberal "Twisted sister" and all her liberal retard associates including RINO's in the U.S. Congress are!

  2. Jimbo999 says:

    There have been investigations of her "Native American Cherokee" claims and they have been found to be lies. She made them up in order to steal college admission and scholarship money which was meant for minorities. She also used her claims to get a professorship at Harvard which paid her $300,000.00 per year for teaching one (1) class per week.
    Her Great Great Grandfather was a private citizen who volunteered to assist in the Trail Of Tears, the removal of Cherokees from Georgia by marching them for 1000 miles to a reservation in the Midwest, which resulted in the death of 4000 Cherokees. I seriously doubt that he would have been married to a Cherokee woman. He later volunteered to do the same thing to the Seminoles.

    Granny Warren AKA Fauxcohantis, is the lowest of the low, and not a very bright bulb, completely lacking in morality or ethics.

  3. Linda A. From NY says:

    This woman Elizabeth Warren is a total idiot, and these are the kind of idiots that are running our Country. How in the world these people ever become politicians? and who in there right minds votes for these assholes?

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