Election Results Quickly Takes Toll On Economy And Jobs

Barack Obama speech 14 SC Election Results Quickly Takes Toll on Economy and Jobs

Shortly before midnight on Tuesday, we all learned that Barack Obama had won a second term as President. Like so many elections in the past the news had an immediate effect on the nation.

On Wednesday, the Stock Market was so thrilled with facing another four years of Obamanomics that it fell 313 points. Wall Street is blaming the drop on the uncertainty of the Fiscal cliff standoff between President Obama and the Republicans. If nothing is resolved by Jan. 1 and the Bush era tax cuts are allowed to stop, the economy is expected to suffer, so some investors are already selling while the Stock Market is relatively high and before it plunges further down.

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  1. Anyone waiting for the economy and/or unemployment to get better should not hold their breath. At one time I had nine employees. Now I have zero employees. Between the uncertainty of the future of taxes and the forced obamacare application to all employees, I am ahead of the certainty of bankruptcy by eliminating less viable business segments and the people that were employed by them and the taxes and high cost of obamacare that the incompetent-in-chief that lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is forcing on us all by reducing my business back to what my wife and I can manage. Small business owners are not as stupid as the demented sheep in Washington believes they are. They are going to do whatever they have to do to survive. If that means doing what I did, so be it.

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