The Media Will Never Report What These Elected Officials Just Did For The Bundys

Though tensions at the Clark County, Nev. ranch have cooled since Bureau of Land Management agents left the scene Saturday, recent developments prove the possibility of a violent standoff remains.

Nevada Sen. Harry Reid declared the situation is “not over,” and many officials are prepared for a resurgence of excessive force by federal agencies. According to OathKeepers spokesperson Stewart Rhodes, a coalition of elected officials from a number of Western states have signed on to stand with the Bundy family in an effort to dissuade such a siege.

“To make sure to hold vigil with them,” Rhodes said, “it’s incredibly important for elected officials to step up and stand with them.”

According to his statement, representatives from Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, and Washington have made the trip to Nevada so far.

He appeared with Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who is leading the charge by vowing to do whatever it takes to support the family.

“If the Bundys accept it,” he said of the offer to hold vigil on the ranch, participating officials will “sit on the couch and have milk and cookies with Mrs. Bundy and just chill.”

The purpose of this effort, Rhodes explained, is to give the federal government added incentive to reconsider any plans for a violent raid.

“If they do a raid like that,” he continued, “we want them to know that our elected folks – sheriffs and representatives – are in the home standing with the Bundys.”

He also touched on the fact that a woman, Fiore, is leading the effort, much like women were on the front lines last weekend when confronting BLM forces. That should be a call to action for men who refuse to get involved out of fear, he reasoned.

“If you will not show up … when women will stand,” he told such men, “then you ought to get a pair of scissors and cut off your d—n balls and mail them to Obama, because that’s who owns them.”

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Assemblywoman Michele Fiore

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    As said before it's time to throw the BLM leader Dingy Harry cohort in jail or better yet tie his legs up with a rope attach it to a cow and then slap the cow and see how far the cow can drag the piece of shit.

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