Economics 101 For Black College Students

School1 300x225 Economics 101 for Black College Students

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They attend schools whose faculties hate and fear the free market. They couldn’t wait to run to the polls to vote for “Brother Barack.” Once he was elected all of their troubles would be over and they could join him and his Party in rubbing the “oppressive” White majority’s face in the dirt; or so the students at America’s “historical Black colleges” thought.

Like virtually every other group that joined Barack Obama’s coalition and worked to get him elected, students at America’s Black colleges – which sport some of the worst graduation rates in the country – have been screwed by their Messiah.

Because the new system of doling out college loans is built on actual credit checks for locatable parents, many Black students are learning economics lessons without ever setting foot in a classroom.

The loans that have been most difficult for Obama’s fans are federal student loans from a program called PLUS. The problem for Obama’s fans is that PLUS loans demand proving you have a financial history of actually paying back past loans and don’t have your picture on the wall at your local collection agency.

It really doesn’t matter to Obama and his administration that the students being denied PLUS loans worked their hearts out for Obama’s elections. That was yesterday.

The National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education, an organization that works for Black college students, says that in just the first year of these news regulations 15,000 denial letters went out and only about 15% of these decisions were successfully appealed. In only the first two months of this year almost double that number have been turned down.

Cold reality can be especially cruel when it unexpectedly visits those who have spent a lifetime looking to government for everything. Being asked to meet standard requirements, when such things have always applied to someone else, is a lesson about being careful for whom you vote that the facilities at these schools don’t understand, let alone ever want to teach. Not to worry though, the free market they all so deeply hate and fear has taken care of that. Lesson taught; lesson learned.


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  1. Linda A. From NY says:

    Lesson 1. They voted for their messiah now they got screwed, that goes for anyone that voted for him. These people, obama’s supporters will finally wake up when they realize that obama just used them and then dump them as soon as he got what he wanted from them.

    I remember how obama went after the young people’s vote and many of them voted for him like the fools that they are. Now many of these same young people are complaining that they can’t find a job after gradating from college and the only thing that they have to show for is a huge bill of thousands of dollars. These people voted for Forward and I hope they like their Forward. Fools!!!

  2. Black economics? Bwahahaha! Lesson 1: hate and blame Whitey. 2: demand from Whitey. 3: if the demands don’t work, rob Whitey. 4: we was slaves! 5: repeat…

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