Economic Shutdown Set For This Weekend

 Photo credit: jack satta (fnb) (Creative Commons)

While the federal government continues to muddle through its ongoing shutdown, patriots across America are planning a shutdown of their own. As a planned trucker strike takes effect Friday, supporters of all stripes are encouraged to curtail any financial activity throughout the weekend.

Big rig drivers are already en route to the nation’s capital, where a protest of the government’s unconstitutional behavior will continue until Sunday. Many truckers unable to make the trek to Washington, D.C. are participating by keeping their rigs parked for the duration of the strike. The movement itself is known as “Truckers to Shut Down America,” and organizers expect as many as 30 million Americans will take part in what is being heralded as a Ride for the Constitution.

Along with semi-trailers, passenger vehicles can be a part of the strike with the addition of a badge or sticker bearing the abbreviation “T2SDA.”

Though the strike has encountered a few speed bumps along the way — including Facebook’s initial deletion of its page and misleading news coverage indicating that truckers plan to “arrest” legislators — organizers say the momentum at this point is unstoppable. A revamped social media page currently has more than 121,000 followers, and organizer Zeeda Andrews recently sat down with conservative heavyweight Glenn Beck to explain the strike’s mission to his audience.

While this is far from the first protest carried out for such a patriotic cause, it certainly carries the possibility of being more effective than others. Without the deliveries of these independent truckers, the lifeblood of our economy will be affected. Furthermore, if ordinary citizens refuse to participate in commerce for three days, the impact will reach much further than a mere protest or rally.

According to recent updates, some rumors have circulated that the U.S. National Guard will be on the scene in D.C. to halt the protest. Organizers indicate this information has not been verified, noting that truckers are dedicated to carrying out the strike no matter what.

As frustration builds among those upset with the direction our country is heading, many well-intentioned patriots wonder what they can do to make a difference. This strike offers the perfect opportunity for anyone to get involved.

The protest’s impact will be directly related to the number of participants; so anyone fed up with the way Washington is running our lives can join the cause by putting away checkbooks and credit cards in solidarity with the truckers.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: jack satta (fnb) (Creative Commons)


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