Duck Dynasty’s Women Talk Christian Faith In New Book

Duck Dynasty has seen phenomenal success, and one of the keys to that success has been the family’s unwavering faith in Christ. In a new book, The Women of Duck Commander, five of Duck Dynasty’s women share more about their life and families, including their bedrock faith in God.

The women include the following Duck Dynasty leading ladies: Miss Kay, Lisa, Missy, Korie, and Jessica. They talk about daily life for the Robertson family and the perseverance God has given them through some real challenges. Missy Robertson shared some details with the Christian Post in a recent interview.

When asked about what she hoped readers would get from the book, Missy addressed the power of the Christian virtue of forgiveness. She stated:

“I think that one of our biggest qualities is just not taking each other so seriously; to laugh a lot, and then to forgive when we mess up. We have to or resentment will set in, which you see in so many families that just can’t get along because they hold so many things for so long. It’s sad for me to look at all of that that goes on in the world. But it just helps me to realize that I’ve got to keep truckin’ on to make these relationships the way that they are.”

Missy also addressed how her family does nightly devotionals, or what they call “come to Jesus” meetings. While these meetings aren’t always receptively received by her teenage children, she is glad to know that “ they also have a relationship with Christ and they have the Holy Spirit living inside them that’s also working on their hearts.” Not only does Missy pray with her family every night; she also spends time with just her husband Jase to pray.

Missy also discusses how her child Mia was born with a cleft palate and how her own faith has grown stronger despite it.

She disputes the contemporary notion that communication is the No.1 key to a successful marriage. While Missy certainly recognizes the importance of good communication, she argues that faith in God should be the No. 1 priority in marriage. She hopes that by modeling this devotion to God in her marriage to Jase, her own children will “keep their priorities set in set in stone, with God being first.”

Missy and her fellow Duck Dynasty ladies show a different route to a successful marriage than much of popular culture embraces in The Women of Duck Commander. However, given the increasing decay of the institutions of marriage and the family in modern America, their successful God-centered lives and marriages provide hope that we can do better as a country.



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