Watch: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Just Shot Down Obamacare In Only 43 Seconds

Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty star and founder of Duck Commander Phil Robertson was on “Hannity” on Tuesday speaking about ISIS and his new book “UnPHILtered.”

The topic of Obamacare popped up, and Robertson couldn’t help but spread the Gospel:

“You don’t care one bit if your show is a success. When you were out for, what, nine days, you didn’t care,” Hannity posed.

“No,” Robertson said.

“Not even a little bit,” Hannity continued.

“Always remember this. Television, fame, money – listen, here is a news flash America. Fame cannot remove your sin and all of the money you ever amass cannot raise you from the dead,” Robertson explained.

“And contrary to what Obama has said about Obamacare, Sean, it’s not going to keep you out of the ground, dude. And not only that, you’re going to spend a lot of money to have it. What I’m giving the American people is eternal health care, and it’s free. Give me a break.”

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