Dreaming Of Barack Obama’s Forced Retirement

Barack Obama speech 4 SC Dreaming of Barack Obama’s Forced Retirement

With Hamas’ rockets falling on Israel, massive layoffs decimating American families’ finances, and Barack Obama demanding massive tax increases (otherwise threatening to drive us over the fiscal cliff), we cannot help but daydream about four years from now.  We dream of days when Barack Obama will finally be retired and when his ignorance of economics will no longer plague our homeland.

We don’t want to think about the pain of the present. Let’s focus on a better, brighter future that is possible once the blight of Obama is gone. Who will step forward in 2016 and ask to lead America?

For the Democratic Party, the answer is clear. Joe Biden has all but declared he will run again. Maybe this time, he will have a leg up as the presumptive heir of the Obama legacy. But if our hunches are correct, it will be even harder to blame George W. Bush for the stagnant economy that is likely to persist.

Next on the Democratic team will be Hillary Clinton. She will still be in her 60’s and can still muster the energy for a run. She and Bill haven’t stopped dreaming about reclaiming their old house since the day they stepped out of it in January 2001.

On the Republican side, it is harder to read the tea leaves.  The best place to start is with those who lost to Mitt Romney in 2012.

We believe Senator Rick Santorum will return from the 2012 line-up. Santorum was a surprisingly strong finisher in Iowa, and he took an underfunded campaign and challenged Mitt Romney deep into the primary season. He rallied conservatives of all stripes. He is strong with social conservatives, economic conservatives, and foreign policy conservatives. Plus, he has the benefit of an ongoing organization. Santorum is now traveling the country keeping his supporters engaged and involved.

After Santorum, the most popular of the challengers was Ron Paul. Paul is likely too old, but he has a son in the United States Senate who could pick up his father’s mantel and libertarian-leaning supporters.  Senator Rand Paul went out of his way in 2012 to endorse Mitt Romney and travel coast to coast helping Republican candidates lower down the ticket. He has a savvy political team in place; and if he should run, we believe he will do even better in the primaries than his father.

Another contender who merits close watching ran in 2008, but he skipped 2012. We are speaking of Governor Mike Huckabee. Still in the public eye because of his highly-rated FOX NEWS TV show, Huckabee has stayed engaged in politics by helping dozens of candidates through HUCK Pac, his political action committee.  Huckabee is tireless and travels making speeches relentlessly.

Huckabee also may have an advantage based on the issues. Mike Huckabee is an expert on Israel and Mideast politics. If Israel survives four more years of neglect by Barack Obama, it will likely be fighting for its life against the forces of radical Islam. If Iran gets nuclear weapons, they would be tempted to use them against Israel. Huckabee can speak with clarity and vision on the problems of this region, and he likely could help foster peace in the region.

Lastly, we don’t know if  Senator Marco Rubio of Florida will run, but he would make a great candidate. Rubio is the Republican Party’s best-known Hispanic leader. He is loved by the Tea Party, and he has a voting record that any conservative could love. Marco would have to give up seeking re-election to the US Senate, but it is a possibility.

Dreaming of 2016 sure beats thinking about the ongoing slow motion wreck happening in Washington DC under the stewardship of Barack Obama. We hope the time passes quickly.

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  1. it would nice to see a counter for how many sign the petition

  2. Yes, I would really like to know how many have signed the petition when I come to the site. I think a counter would be a good idea.

  3. Sign the petiton to recount the election or hold a new election.

  4. Sign the petition to have a new election or to have recount of the election https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/recount

  5. I thought Marco Rubio was out of contention because he's not a Natural Born Citizen? or are we throwing out that portion of the U.S. Constitution with our current Non-Natural Born Citizen sitting in the White House?

    • Puddentain says:

      I hope the GOP isn't choosing a Hispanic simply to corner a race vote….I'll simply find another candidate such as a libertarian. If the person with the best argument happens the be Hispanic then so be it!!….BUT whatever they do they better not pick one simply because of race…..He needs to be a businessman, a military expert and the top of his class……NOT just a good public speaker.

    • Becky McPherson says:

      This poses a good question. If I remember correctly, Marco Rubio IS a naturally born U.S. citizen. It was his parents who came from Cuba, years before he was born.

  6. With all that is moving a rate of bummer's executive orders, the USA will crumble and fall. How could all this corruption continue, unless our government is not socialist minded.

    Bummer will be going for his third term and then what?

  7. Demand a recount!
    This election was a scam with rigged voting machines.

  8. four more years of Obama and we won't have a country. He will be our dictator, we will be a communist country. Unless he is stopped now, that is what will be. The fact that he watched the transmission from the Drone should be enough to impeach him. He knew what was happening and did not send aid. They were told to "stand down"No matter who gave the order, the original orders had to come from the top, Obama himself.

  9. I pray that our country can endure four more years of O

  10. rubios father lied to him. he told him that as an american citizen, the sky is the limit. not so. the constitution spells out who shall be president— a natural born citizen, which rubio is not, and neither is jindal. their parents were not citizens of usa when they were born. God forbid that a republican try to pull an obama stunt like that. If rubio considers himself a conservative or a tea partier, he should realize his limitations according to the constitution.


  12. VirgoVince says:

    Dictators seldom retire, term limits are meaningless, WE can't wait another 4 yrs, he never should have lived thru the last 4!! ARREST the ugly bastard ni666er and do it NOW!!!!
    WHERE the hell are our PATRIOTS????

    • ask the SPLC. They have a spy in every group.

      • Jim: If I knew what SPLC is, I would!! Be more specific!!

        Edward, I'm not talking about the 'dead-ass-flag-wavers,' I'm talking about PATRIOTS that still want to protect OUR country and have been sleeping for the last 4 yrs!!
        THEY are the answer to my constant question I've been asking for 4 yrs: WHY is ovomit still breathng??

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Virgo they sit on their dead asses and complain until it actually hurts them.Maybe someone on this trip to kiss more muslim ass will help us out if you know what I mean.

  13. we need to get that communist muslim lying SOB out of office NOW!

  14. Eddie Gillespie says:

    Forced retirement in2016? Why not impeach and / or execute for treason right now?!

  15. Porter Stansburry says obamA will have a 3rd term. He got the prediciton right that obamA will have a 2nd term. Maybe he knows something we don’t?

    • He is our illegal dictator now…Don't you know that??? We cannot wait 4 more years with this illegal fool. Some American needs to stand up…I miss Brietbart!!!

      • Yes, I know that. He is illegal, unqualified and as I have stated over and over THE BOY DOES NOT BELONG THERE!

        He is our first NON-WHITE NON-CHRISTIAN UNKNOWN DRUG USER BI-SEXUAL president in our office. This has never happened before!

        This is sign. A VERY BAD SIGN!!! America – the chickens have come home to roast. Thanksgiving is around the corner and let’s make this a tradition till the dickator is GONE!

        • Becky McPherson says:

          I was curious about this homosexual thing that has been circulating about Obama. Something must be wrong here, I think. A few weeks ago, I got on Youtube and typed in something to the effect of Obama being a homosexual. At least at that time, a man had posted a video on there, stating that he had asked for someone to show him around, I think Chicago, but it may have been another city. This has been awhile since I viewed the posting.

          A young Barack Obama was called to show him around. They had male sexual relations (grody, gross, in my opinion) and the man also claimed Obama scored some crack cocaine, or other substance, and they smoked it. Maybe this is still on Youtube, if not shut down by the Obama brigade. I will tell you, this guy seemed pretty believable to me. Totally credible. He is a white guy, now middle aged. Don’t know why he posted this. He had nothing at all to gain. He also stated that when he tried to contact Obama, after his election, he was shunned.

          His claim also contained an insinuation that a homosexual black man from Obama’s Reverend Wright church, was murdered, seemingly to silence him about his homosexual relationship with Obama. Wonder if the man who posted this on YouTube is still surviving, also.

          • All the things you said have are exactly what has been circulating. You seem to have done your homework.

            Yeah, the story by that white guy seemed very credible as well as other stories such as he, obamA use to go to the expensive white man’s club and really liked to get screwed by the older white men who passed him around.

            That’s what they said. Whether that is true or not I don’t know.

    • Becky McPherson says:

      Well, at this point, half of the populace is disgruntled. I think he will be dragged out by the nose if he tries to pull that one! They’re all cowards–they’ll fold.

  16. Maybe the repubs should run a nobody like the krats did with Hussein Obama. Repubs have to do everything different going forward and not try to recycle the same old hash.

  17. The type of person we need is someone who has the same life problems as our working class citizens. Someone like Washington, Lincon,or Jefferson, a good christian man , a hard working man who has morals and American values. Like our pioneers.A fighter like the texans that took care of the mexicans that tryed to stop Texas from taking the Alomo. A very strong man who will not take shit from anyone ,but puts the people first. A military man,who cares about its troops. A family man that cares about the family and children and the elerdy and widows,A man who is honest as Sheriff Joe in Arizona, a God fearring man who loves his country, the original constitution and most of all put the God this nation was founded under back into our government,schools, churches and communties where he belongs. We need a real man with real morels. not a pretty boy, not a quear or a wimp. a man kind of like John Wane portrayals, a very strong unwavering personality that stands for what is just and right for all. and most of all puts freedom and america and its people first. he does not need to be rich, as the rich seem to care only in getting richer.yet some really care. he could be a farmer or a store keeper a rancher or a logger. if only he has these values. if you know such a man lets start a list. he could be a veteran put out on the streets who gave his all and never got the jobs he deserved a viet nam vetran, or any other vetran who has these standards. this country is full of these type of men. but most remove themself from the heavy population because of descuss with what people are doing. not all of us but a lot of us. lets hunt our people and find these kinds of men. i know they are out there. maybe some of them will step forward and be heard. this is not a time to be modest but a time to step forware. if you believe you have these qualities then step forward. america needs a man in the white house. a real honest to goodness man with morels. i pray to God you are out there. please let yourself kown.

  18. I would hope to God that the House will be able to impeach Obama for at least some of his crimes whether or not the Senate will act. They should not be paid a dime until they produce a budget!!! That is the only job they ARE REQUIRED TO DO under the Constitution!

  19. Let's dream of impeaching obama , he could be impeached on insanity,plus he has commited impeachable offences, such as deliberately lieing to congress, treason, giving money to the enemy.
    I have never in my near 70 years seen a president that constantly lies to the public, and America is so blind about facts they think he is telling the truth.
    I'm telling you this country is in for a horrible 4 years unless he is impeached. I don't think biden is smart enough to cause as much trouble as Obama, the imposter, born in Mombasa ,Kenya,he is not one of Us.

  20. Let us hope Obama won't be accupying the Oval Office for very much longer.

    • Benghazi shoul bring him down.

      • Becky McPherson says:

        Yeah, I agree. Wonder why this is not being pressed too hard, yet. As has been stated on television by a few, Benghazi is more serious than Watergate. No deaths were involved in Watergate. I’m old enough to remember Watergate. It dragged on and on and on, and no stone was left unturned, until Nixon resigned. Why is this different from that?

  21. The establishment GOP is the problem. We don't need weak kneed moderates "reaching across the aisle." Let the other side reach across the aisle as we govern from a position of strength and confidence. We do need constitutional conservatives. We do need smaller federal government, far less spending, and lower taxes. We need to get back to founders' intent. These ideas are not popular with illegals, unions, or liberals in general, but the survival of our country depends on these TEA Party ideals.

    • I hate to say this as a member of the Tea Party. We CANNOT change America. I suspect 90+ % of all conservatives voted for Mitt BUT there is a legion of morons we cannot change. The 3rf Party and writeins were awful Americans. The concept of supporting Ron Paul, a 75 year old person, is unthinkable. Jews voting for Obama. I reallys supect this was our first stolen election. I was a Democrat and I do NOT trust ANY of them, I know the individuals that left the old Socialists parties (plural) in the 50's and 60's moved over to the Democratic Party. I left it in 1964 when I saw that had happened. We now see what they wanted: a Socialist dictotorship.

    • Henry Leunissen says:

      You are right. We need a "Super Tea Party" and storm the White House like the French did storm the Bastille in 1789.

  22. There is never a good suicide bomber around when you could really use one to save America.

  23. How did the Worst POTUS ever get re-elected?
    For starters he was running against the worst POTUS Candidate ever…
    At least 12 million people that voted for John McCain & Sarah Palin decided to not vote at all this time; because flip-flopping, waffle man, gun banning, slick-Willard Mitt Romney did not remotely resemble the conservative he claimed to be or faux news tried to convince us he was…
    The Status Quo, Establishment Republican Rinos and their cheerleaders at Faux News shoved the WRONG CANDIDATE down our throats again…

    Neither Obama or Mitt offered any HOPE for the right kind of CHANGE…

    We deserve better…

    Get behind a Third Party Candidate next time and take our country back and end the Republican & Democrat rein of terror on the American People and our Fundamental Liberties…

    In the mean time we can hope for the successful impeachment of the Kenyan Village Idiot… and a do-over on the last 4 years…

  24. obama along with hillary and valerie are running US weapons to al-queida. it is time to remove and replace our government America.

  25. Becky McPherson says:

    I am having a difficult time reconciling my mind to the fact that more Jews voted for Obama, than voted for MItt Romney. What the heck were they thinking? Were they thinking, at all? Now look what is happening in Israel! Obama snubs Netanyahu, and the Jews overwhelmingly help to re-elect the nitwit! Overwhelming idiocy.

  26. Barbara Tamargo says:

    People it is obvious that Obama has no intentions of stepping down in 2016. He has made it clear that he is going to retire two of the supreme court justices and put in his own people and he intends to declare himself imminent leader of the USA. He intends to take complete control of America and turn it in to a muslim country.People are blind to what is going on right before their own eyes. They had a special on Stotsels show the other night and it came right out and explained just how Obama is going to do it. People better wake up soon before it is too late.

    • He will do that over the dead bodies of many Americans. American Patroits are arming themselves, AR15s, shotguns, Glocks, etc. The blue states may cave but the rest will not.

  27. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/we-requ


  28. Rubio is not a natural-born citizen. We're fighting to dethrone the current usurper who is not natural-born, and may not even be a citizen, and we're going to pursue another non natural-born candidate? Has this country become totally retarded and irresponsible??

  29. frank hodges says:

    …we can't wait that long [I don't think]??

    • For the failure to win the White House, those attempting to make Barack Obama into a monster need to look in the mirror. Be careful who you listen to. Google me and read my posts….

  30. In order to help hasten obama-soetoro's "early retirement" – -go to your search bar and type in "petition2congress"; dozens of fax/petitions there – -ALL "free" to send. On the first page, one is all set up, demanding impeachment proceedings, an absolute thorough investigations of Benghazi and a "stop" to his plan to sneak through the un gun ban. You can alter, edit, add your own comments and ideas, but we need to DROWN Congress with hundreds of thousands of these fax/petitions – -make our voices SO LOUD, they cannot be ignored!

  31. Arkansas citizen says:

    I'm disappointed with your glowing comments regarding former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. As an Arkansas citizen, I must remind everyone that it was Governor Huckabee who got the Mexican Consulate in Little Rock. Now Arkansas has become a sanctuary state for illegal aliens of all sorts thanks to Democrat Governor Beebe, who has vowed to make Arkansas a model Obamacare state. I know of many patriotic conservative Arkansans who feel betrayed by Huckabee. A Republican candidate of any kind will never get our Constitution back on its feet, especially not Huckabee. Republicans have hijacked the teaparty movement & the word "conservative". We need strong Constitutional Conservatives to run, if we have the time to save our nation

  32. Marco Rubio IS NOT ELIGIBLE to be president or vice-president, get over it.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Why do you say that Obutthole lead the way to having a non citizen elected president because he was a half assed negroe.So rubio is a full fledged latino.

  33. Edwardkoziol says:

    That's all we can do is dream because there is noway in hell Obutthole will quit or be impeached and we know suicide is definetly out.This dicktator will do whatever is necessary to stay in power.

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