Dr. Miller’s Theistic Evolution And The Christian Skeptic

Christian cross SC Dr. Millers Theistic Evolution And The Christian Skeptic

I recently sent Biologist/Evolutionist/author Kenneth Raymond Miller a message posing a series of questions-the type of challenging questions that any scientist with a shred of honest integrity would not attempt to explain away via some fancy terminology and creative conclusions rooted solely in naturalism.

Hello Dr. Miller,

I want to ask you a few questions if I may. I’ve done some research on evolution; but obviously, most of the information out there is beyond my comprehension. I’m trying to come to a greater understanding of evolution and how some of the major existential and natural realities came to be via evolutionary processes. If you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions (see below) I would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to include the religious aspects of your understanding. How is it that you’re considered a ‘Theistic’ Evolutionist? (Why the Theism?)

1. How do you explain the existence of the universe from an evolutionary standpoint? How do you account for the existence of all things observable?

2. Can you explain how humans acquired the ability to think? How did we evolve into thinking creatures? Where did our ability to reason come from?

3. Can you explain how humans acquired male and female reproductive systems? What is the probability that these systems developed randomly/naturally?

4. Can you explain how humans acquired emotions such as love? Why do humans seemingly have a natural propensity toward achieving purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in this life? Are these simply learned/conditioned traits or something innate? Can these aspects of the human experience be sufficiently explained and accounted for solely via naturalistic considerations/explanations?

5. How did humans acquire conscience, morality, empathy, guilt, etc? Are these simply learned/conditioned traits or something innate? Can these aspects of the human experience be sufficiently explained and accounted for solely via naturalistic considerations/explanations?

- Anthony

Dr. Miller, a Roman Catholic, who genuinely sounds like a really nice guy, was gracious enough to offer a prompt response to my candid inquiries.

Dear Anthony,

Thanks for your note. I’m sorry to tell you that I just don’t have time to respond in detail to every question like yours that I get via email. My book “Finding Darwin’s God” contains answers to many of the questions you have asked, as do many of my lectures, which are available on You Tube and other places. You might also consult my Evolution web page, which contains a number of the articles and interviews I’ve done on science and faith.

And, incidentally, I do NOT characterize myself as a “theistic evolutionist.” The phrase makes no sense to me. I’ve never seen anyone characterized as a “theistic physicist” or a “theistic geologist.” or for that matter, as a “theistic plumber.” Rather, I am an evolutionist who happens to be a theist.


Ken Miller

Dr. Miller claims he is NOT a ‘theistic’ evolutionist.

I need to take a few minutes to wrap my head around this.

We are talking about Kevin Raymond Miller:

*The man who has declared war against creationism and intelligent design theories but remains steadfast in promoting the God of the Bible as the Grand Evolutionary Orchestrator Extraordinaire.

*The man who wrote Finding Darwin’s God and Only a Theory, books that read like love letters to Charles Darwin and Evolutionary Theory. Although, he miraculously maintains an absolute unwillingness to throw the proverbial BABY out with the bathwater.

*The man who has earned a reputation as an unrelenting apologist and fierce debater against all theories supernaturally designed while at the same time upholding the belief that a Majestic Deity of the Christian persuasion waves His evolutionary wand enabling natural random processes to achieve miraculous results.

Dr. Kevin R. Miller has basically made a living off of the ‘Theistic’ portion of the label commonly ascribed to him. Because if it wasn’t for the ‘Theism’ what would separate this ‘Evolutionist’ from the numerous skeptics that use science as their primary weapon against Christianity while waving the flag for secular humanism? There’s certainly not a lot of room left in that incredibly outspoken camp for Kevin Miller.

I’m not trying to insinuate that Dr. Miller is not sincere in his Theism, but he is as big a proponent of evolution as exists today, he simply believes there is a little wiggle room to fit a ‘Trigger Man’ into the mix.

Maybe one day the presuppositions of the evolutionist will account for the many existential realities that will never be properly or efficiently explained via purely naturalistic considerations. The inconvenient truth (especially when considering the funding, peer recognition and the adulation of the secular elite on the line) is that evolutionary theory doesn’t really bring anything to the table, in terms of hard empirical evidence. Rather it merely proposes and blindly endorses the impossible as probable truth.

Essentially, we have been fed heavily skewed, self-fulfilling theories dependent upon fantastical assumptions and faulty foundations that actually run counter to observable natural laws. Important variables, considerations and inconsistencies are often ignored or merely taken for granted while the ‘evidences’ continue to be altered and spun to ensure providential reverence unto the god-scientist

Unfortunately, a faith in an unobservable and unsatisfactorily testable brand of science continues to be trusted as THE acceptable alternative to a God of the gaps whose holes are much smaller and significantly less irrational than Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

It’s no wonder science texts continue to offer deceptive and dated information that could never withstand the legitimate scrutiny that comes with objective inquiry and a little skepticism (See Icons of Evolution by Jonathan Wells: “It seems that I am guilty of the one unforgivable sin in modern biology: I am openly critical of Darwinian evolution…the best-known “evidences” for Darwin’s theory have been exaggerated, distorted or even faked…a theory that systematically distorts the evidence is not good empirical science–perhaps not even science at all…Darwinism has all the trappings of a secular religion. Its priests forgive a multitude of sins in their postulants–manipulating data, overstating results, presenting assumptions as though they were conclusions–but never the sin of disbelief.”)

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