Dr. Melgen Could Sell Menendez Out

Robert Menendez SC Dr. Melgen Could Sell Menendez Out

Bob Menendez is a Democrat and therefore usually has immunity from prosecution or even penalties for crimes that would put the average person in hot water and a Republican in prison for life without parole.

Nevertheless, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez could (operative word COULD) end up having to resign “to spend more time with his family” as Democrats who have been caught red handed often do.

Menendez is the embodiment of what makes New Jersey the most corrupt state in America. He was taught the ways of corruption by the Hudson County crime machine. He learned the “pay for play”, contribution shakedown for promotions rackets as he worked his way up the ladder from soldier to captain to Capo. Follow his financial disclosure forms over the years, trace the “meteoric” rise of the civil servants who donated increasingly larger amounts to him and you’ll come to the same conclusion.

Now Menendez has been exposed as the degenerate his is. Traveling to a foreign country to purchase sex from an underage person is a federal felony and he has been named by at least three such persons.

This may mean little since these girls will either refuse to testify or disappear from the corners they work. But there is a ray of hope that Menendez will fall under the weight of this scandal. That ray of hope is Dr. Salomon Melgen, a Miami eye doctor, who is at the center of his own investigation for income tax evasion. Ordinarily as a BIG Democrat contributor Melgen would also be immune from punishment for this crime, but these are not ordinary times.

If the IRS lets Melgen off the hook they will lose thousands of similar cases and maybe $billions in uncollectable revenue. A deal might be the way out for both sides.

The federal law against traveling to a foreign country to pay for sex with a child (under 18 as defined by the statute) also makes anyone who arranges such meetings guilty of “human trafficking and child exploration.” The penalty for either infraction is thirty years in prison.

Melgen is no Rezko or Blagojevich. They are hardened criminals who have chosen to do the time rather than end up dead for ratting out Barack Obama. When the IRS demands answers Melgen doesn’t want to give, maybe just maybe, he’ll remember he knows something about Menendez and his underage haram. Maybe he might want to play “Let’s Make a Deal.” Maybe that will bring Menendez down.

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