Dr. Benjamin Carson: God’s Surprise To Obama!

God will surprise Pharaoh every time.

I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that Obama assumed merely because he and Dr. Ben Carson shared the same color that he had another gushing supplicant at the National Prayer Breakfast.

The good doctor’s presentation was a victory for individuality. He smited political correctness, Obamacare, and all other Demo-crack trickery with gentle words and brutal honesty.

Conservatives rallied around him as a potential 2016 presidential candidate. No pundit can claim to have seen this on the political radar.

God will surprise Pharaoh every time.

The frozen look on Obama’s face bore majestic witness to this truth. So-called “god-kings” don’t like to be upstaged, especially on their home turf.

Watch and enjoy:

Traditionalists have prayed and bitterly wondered if hope was left, after two victories for Marxist secular socialism.

Dr. Carson’s tour de force showed there’s still hope, and God is still in control.

Carson 2016?

We may have to wait awhile for that prognosis to come true.

Dr. Benjamin Carson was God’s surprise to a president who sees himself as a latter-day ruler of a modern Egypt.

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  1. Byron Mullet says:

    I like Ben Carson. However, he did say he supported giving same sex couples the same rights as married people, just don't call it marriage. This is incrementalism and would give homosexuality "normal" status. Instead, they should exposed for seeking the right to institutionalize, intellectual, child molestation in the home as well as in the public school square.

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