Down With Mitt: Why Obama Is A Lock

Mitt Romney 3 Down With Mitt: Why Obama Is A Lock

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)


The near-certainty that Mitt Romney will be defeated by Barack Obama in November is both intuitive and numerical.

Following his important if unspectacular victories in six out of 10 state primaries on Tuesday, former Massachusetts Gov. Romney is now on a slow but secure track to be the Republican Party’s nominee for president of the United States.

There is no evidence that Romney can unseat President Obama in November. A recent NBC/Wall Street Journalpoll has Obama beating Romney handily in a one-to-one contest, with Obama drawing 50 percent support to Romney’s 44 percent.

Much more important than opinion polling, however, is the real polling that has taken place since the Iowa caucus. These elections provide a true account of how many people are actually turning out to vote for Romney. So far, they indicate that Romney is failing to generate substantially more support than he did during his losing campaign in 2008. And the greater cause of nominating a Republican challenger to Obama is generating measurably less support than it did four years ago.

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    NO way in hell obozo can 'win' any more than he 'won' in '08, without total fraud and corruption!!
    I just gotta know, WHY is he still breathing??

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      He will try the same tricks and I will be badly fooled if they don't work. He has too many stool pigeons wanta bes following.

  2. charles1712 says:

    Mitt Romney will not be the GOP nominee because the issue of the fraud obama unconstitutionally holding the office is coming to light and the liberals and Obots will question Mitt Romney's US Constitutional right to hold office . And when that happens we will find Mitt Romney dose not meet the requirement of Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution . As for the fraud Obama I don't believe he will make it to the 2012 presidential election . The democrats will have to find someone else to run against the GOP nominee . Too many states have already started ballot challenges although none have succeeded so far but it only take one to bring the hole house of cards down .

  3. d.keith dexter says:

    just because poeple are not turning out in droves in the primaries dose not mean they won't when the time to vote out obama comes,i don't know anyone who's voting for obama this time not one including those that went that way last time,the anti obama turnout will be HUGE!

    • D. Marie says:

      I hope you're right, but I have a very liberal brother, and a couple of friends who are solidly for Obama, and, of course, they won't listen to anything I have to say in opposition.

  4. Bertsy K. Larsen says:

    I hope I am dead wrong on this, but I beleive that Obama will indeed get a second term. Whether by hook or crook, this thing in office will win, one more time. I beleive it will be by “crook” because that is how it happened the first time, “dead people casting votes”. If it can happen once, it can and most likely will happen again. Romney hasn’t the “charisma” that this offensive peice of mu SLIME seems to have, and he hasn’t the “Lame Stream Media” in his back pocket, or somewhere known as “by the short hairs”…………something smells in this whole thing, and it isn’t from a breath of “fresh air”, but something much lower on the “body” of politics. Not one word of ridicule, or anything else is ever spoken against this slimey thing, except on sites like this one and a very few others. Soon however, even these sites will be shut down, because one by one, our rights to free speech are being stolen, ripped from our hands. And this is because somewhere, behind the “Throne of the One” there are some very powerful, corrupt, and evil men running this “Board Game”. Obama is not the one to fear, it is those behind him that we should be worried, and deeply frightened of. He is only their puppet, and they pull the strings that make him jump and move according to their most evil plans for the whole world, not just plans for our nation! I did not, nor will I, vote for this thing, this “man” who has done everything he promised, as far as change goes, he has “changed America” into something that we no longer recognize as America the Great, nor America the Brave, Land of the Free…… longer. He did promise change, didn’t he? Well, at least in that regard, he did exactly what he promised! Hope? Only hope for himself and for his kind, and I do not mean his kind as the Black people of our country! He only USED them until he got what he desired, and he will do so again, and they, poor people, will again fall for it, beleiving that he actually cares about them! He does, but only to use them again, and throw them to the “wolves”, or throw them in the nearest garbage pile. It would serve the Black people of America to remember his WHITE SIDE! And to remember what the American Indians said of white man a couple hundred years ago…….and maybe still say…….”white man speaks with forked tounge”. Obama is HALF WHITE PEOPLE! Never forget that! I am white, and I know what my race is capable of, white people have always regarded themselves as a “superior race”, proven down through history, if you doubt me, but white people have always felt this way. But, as our own Constitution says, “all men are created equal”. It does not say “white men only are created equal”. I may be wrong on this, but if I am, feel free to correct me, I am not perfect, and can take a correction upon occasion. Mitt Romney? No, this one does not have the personality that the One in office seems to have, nor does Mitt have the “Men Behind the Throne” behind him. He will not win the presidential election, he will not be the Next President. And even if he were to become that, how much “change” from Obama would it be? Not a lot. Not much at all. Only Santorum would or could, bring about a “change” from what we now find ourselves dealing with, Obama’s “Hope and Change”. We only have small amounts of “change” in our pockets now, because our pockets are robbed each time we have to put gasoline or diesel in our vehicles. And THAT is only going to go higher and higher each day from here on end. I still maintain, be ready for the Second Coming of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That is now our only hope at all……….Jesus Christ does promise HOPE, HOPE FOR ALL! LIFE FOR ALL WHO BELEIVE ON HIM AND GIVE HIM THEIR HEARTS! Do this now, and avoid what is sure to come!

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