If You Watch This Video And Then Decide To Text And Drive, You Are Heartless


It’s just your typical car filled with teenagers, listening to music and talking.

The driver, a young woman, receives a text from her mom: “You know when you’ll be home tonight?”

She hits reply: “Yeah, we should be there around -”

Her car begins to veer into the lane of an oncoming car, when suddenly everything pauses; and the two drivers step out of their vehicles to talk about the situation.

“Do you know that you are in my lane?” the woman asks.

“No, not at all,” the girl replies.

“Are you not paying attention? Are you texting?” she questioned in disbelief of the situation.

“I was just checking in with my mom. I was telling her, I thought we would be home by 6:00,” said the girl, clearly distraught.

“It’s okay,” the woman said. “There’s enough time. Just pay attention.”

“I’m not even half way through my text! There’s no way! I’m not even going to look up,” the girl exclaimed.

“My babies are in the car,” the woman pleaded. “You have to pay attention!”

“It was supposed to be a quick text,” the young lady explained. “I’m so sorry.”

With that, they walked back to their cars, defeated.

The young girl returns to her seat and looks around at her friends. The mother, at the same time, takes one last look at her children. Both are now helpless to avoid this unnecessary and tragic situation.

The video clip ends with a loud crash.

The message: Don’t text and drive. It can wait!

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    They should make cars so that you can't text or phone while a car is in motion.You must pull over and get out of the car or have the motor off.

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