Don’t Sell Us Out On The 2nd Amendment, Republicans, Or You’ll Be Sorry

Eric Cantor 2 SC Don’t sell us out on the 2nd Amendment, Republicans, or you’ll be sorry

The Republicans in Congress look like they are about to sell us out on the question of protecting the Second Amendment. The way they took a dive off the “fiscal cliff” gives us an idea of what they will probably do when confronted with Barack Obama’s fearsome attacks on gun ownership. They won’t listen to us. They will jump as high as the media and Obama tell them to and count themselves lucky if they aren’t singled out as a Hillbilly and an ogre for opposing “common sense” gun control.

According to a newly released report, based on the results of a major sampling of conservatives–the kind of people who vote in Republican primaries–if this scenario plays out, many Republicans might be in for a rude awakening.

The survey on attitudes toward the Second Amendment was conducted by The Blaze, a website run by Glenn Beck.  The 106 questions it posed made it a very extensive probe of the issue.   It drew almost 5 million responses from almost 3 million people. Not surprisingly, 100% believe that owning a gun is a right.

Of direct importance to Republicans: 85% are over 34 years old, and four of five are homeowners. Furthermore, 78% are parents, three of four are married, and almost 75% are veterans or have a family connection to our military. Over seven in ten are males, and nearly two in three are gun owners themselves.

The level of interest in protecting the right to own guns is so high among these very likely Republican primary voters that when given a chance, they contributed 86 questions that were pointed enough to be added to the survey.

There is little chance that the media will take note of this data because it doesn’t fit into their template. They have used fake “polls” to lie and tell us that people want gun control. They have made their position abundantly clear by even publishing the home addresses of licensed, honest gun owners.

Nevertheless, liberal journalists don’t run in Republican primaries. Those who do, or realize they could, ought to take note of this message from the Republican base.

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  1. All New Yorkers,please sign this !!

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Republicans won't sell out the 2nd Amendment. Neither will the Democrats.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      they may not completely sell out but Seeks we know they will sure try to tinker with it.The Burrhead has ordained it along with that scholar Joe Bite Me Biden

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Not even the Demoncraps want to touch the 2nd Amendment. They know thats why they lost the power in the '80's, '90's and the trouble in 2010.

  3. charlestown patriot says:

    Forgive them lord for they know not what they have done, God Bless the USA

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    To all South Carolinians watch out for Sen.Graham and people like Trey Gowdy who voted to protect them till they the presidents croak.These men have enough money to pay for their own protection.gowdy loss my vote Now we shall see if the republicans sell out like they usually do

  5. madhatter15 says:

    The Republicans have turned out t be such unamerican cowards that I ould be ard pressed ot ever vote for them again. I am no longer a Repub lian, I'm a registered independent. If they just stand there and don't put up a fight for the constirution this time they will ahve ot go, I will ocnsider anyone who vbotes for a Republican ot be a traitor. I'm sick of them feathering their nests and securing their future while calling in Rothchild puppets like that horrible paul Ryan ot do their dirty work, no one is ogin to stand for it anymore. Paul Ryan or any of the other stooges starts to alking ot people as if they were dirty dogs they will never run for anything in this country again. Leave our social security our unions and our guns aone or get the hell out. A bi rally in Springfireld sand the rest of th ecounty seats around the ocuntry protesting gun control, and this is just the start, when the Chinese start telling us to give up our guns and Obama listens then soemthing is very wrong, kick them all out of here including the UN and its chinese commie leader, for God sake , wake up.

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