Don’t Miss Out On This Fast Growing, Christian Obamacare Alternative

The genuine “can do” spirit of America is far more powerful and long lasting than the empty mantra “yes we can.” The cheap knock off slogan coined by political hucksters will ultimately be swept aside as America wakes from the Barack Obama nightmare.

One sign of Americans’ “can do” response to the man who fancies himself as our king is the growing enrollment in Medi-Share, a Christian alternative to Obamacare. Built on the simple truths that people need health care insurance and that Obamacare is not health care insurance but a devious scheme to entice us to trade our freedom for “free” medical coverage, Medi-Share is stepping up to offer hope to “can do” America.

Medi-Share is a national plan found in every state that covers like-minded Americans seeking medical cost coverage.

A member, who joined the plan in 2011, had this to say about her experience with Medi-Share: “It works just like insurance. I have an insurance card. I show it just like anyone else would. I have a deductible. I have a monthly premium that I pay.”

The essence of the 242,000 member plan is that it caters to those whose lifestyle is biblical, which means regular church attendance, no drugs, no tobacco, no sex outside of marriage, and only limited use of alcohol. By any standard, religious or secular, living this way leads to better health and is generally rewarded with lower health care costs.

As Medi-Share’s CEO, Tony Meggs, pointed out, “There’s definitely an economic benefit, a windfall if you would, by living healthier lives.”

While there are some differences in what some subsections of the plan will or will not cover, Medi-Share members are exempt from Obamacare fines based on failure to have health insurance.

Policy holders are responsible for having and paying for regular checkups; but when unexpected illnesses or accidents happen, coverage is provided under the “sharing” element of these plans.

Secular critics unfamiliar with how honest people conduct themselves complain that because Medi-Share is not technically a health care plan, it is not obliged to pay the bills of its members.  Apparently, they actually believe the health insurance companies they so often refer to as “evil” always cover what they are contractually liable for under their policies.

Medi-Share is real and comes from America’s “can do” traditional attitude. Stacked up against the phony Obamacare, Americans will make the right choice.

Photo credit: charlesfettinger (Creative Commons)

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