Dog Eat Dog! Unleash Romney Tonight!!

Unleash Romney, is what his handlers must do tonight!  This is the most important debate, and it well may determine the election.

The dog story got some mileage for Obama when he brought up that Romney had put their family dog in a cage on top of the car when they made a trip to their summer home.  First of all, with 5 kids in a small car, there was not much room for  a big dog; so rather than leave him, Romney placed the dog on top of the car in a  kennel. We all know dogs love the fresh air sticking their heads out of the windows or like riding in back of a pickup truck.  But Obama made it to be an animal cruelty comment, as he aimed to show that Romney must have no feelings, treating a dog that way.

Then some pundits remembered that in one of Obama’s book’s, he recalled his days in Indonesia and mentioned that he even ate dog there.

scan0018 Dog Eat Dog! Unleash Romney Tonight!!

Many times in presidential debates, since they have been televised, a gaffe, a grimace or gesture, or a quick quip have won the debate.  These can be pivotal moments. I well remember some of them.  Al Gore made a habit of strolling over from his debate lectern to walk right in front of his opponent in order to intimidate him, but George Bush was warned he might do this. So Bush just nodded and went right on with his points, never missing a beat.  Nixon refused to wear makeup his first televised debate, and it showed him as a grizzly bear (and looking a lot older), so at the next one, he wore makeup.  Jack Kennedy used the TV to his advantage in his debates.

Reagan had been plagued by pundits saying he was too old for the office. He was able to turn that around and won the debate and probably the election when he told his opponent, “I will not hold your inexperience and youth against you, if you will not hold my experience and age against me.”  In another debate, Al Gore sighed and rolled his eyes in derision as Bush spoke, reminiscent of a teenager rolling his eyes when a parent is lecturing them. That did not earn him any points.

If Romney is to win this debate, he must go after the President in the same manner as he did when he won the debate in Florida when he took on Newt Gingrich and Perry as well as others.  He went after his opponents there with gusto. He should forget he is debating the President and debate the “candidate” Obama instead.  He should clearly bring out the President’s lack of response to the chaos and our ambassador’s killing in the middle east. He should pound on the economy, which is not improving, no matter the claims from this administration “that we are turning the corner.”  That is simply not true.

Tonight may well be a make-or-break deal. It is estimated that 50 million viewers will be watching this. For the first time, many will be seeing or hearing Romney unfiltered, instead of being slanted by the liberal press to make it look like he is inexperienced. Tonight, the audience will get to know him as a person.

Far too many times, the Obama camp has painted Romney as not experienced enough, but he is ten time more experienced than Obama was when he was running in 2007.  And the media never once questioned Obama’s lack of experience then. The inexperience has shown over and over, in the way he reacts or does not react to crises and his treatment of foreign dignitaries.  Obama did little until he became a senator (by default) in Illinois and then voted present most of the time, a clear indication of his inability to make decisions.  He has always spent more time speaking than working with anything. Even his community organizing work was mostly speaking and campaigning.  Then when he became U.S. Senator, he spent all of that time on the stump campaigning and seldom showed up in Congress, even to vote.  He has been constantly campaigning most of his four years in office now. Romney must point out his opponent’s weaknesses and highlight his own strengths.

It has to be Obamagedden tonight! 



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